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  • If you use my services and are able/willing to chip in a bit of money to keep them running, this would be much appreciated




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I'm hosting a series of services for myself and others who might not have the resources/knowledge to self-host.

I'm a strong believer in free, open-source, and decentralised solutions to issues such as communication and media consumption. To that end, I have set up a series of services which can be freely joined by anybody looking for a place to call home online.

This Patreon is intended to help pay for hosting and storage costs at Digital Ocean, mailing costs at Mailgun, and for any monitoring/backups/load balancing tools I may need to introduce in future. Currently I can pay all of this myself, but it could quickly become too expensive if the services grow. I'd like to keep the community alive, but I will need help.

While I work professionally in the technology sector, my true passion is Japanese mythology - a subject in which I earned a postgraduate degree before going into DevOps. All of my projects tend to revolve around Japanese mythology in some way, and I like to support artists who share this interest. For more regular updates, follow me on Mastodon.
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This is approximately how much I need right now to keep the server going. This covers the current storage and hosting at Digital Ocean and all other related costs. Any additional money will be poured back into improving performance of the server and adding more storage for users.
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