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If you support me, whether it be buying art from me or just paying a single dollar, I will put your name in the outro of my next video.

Another shoutout...
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Send your oc (can be object or furry or whatever) into the community channel and it will be featured in a group photo drawing in the outro of my next video!

Cell shaded one character
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After you pay, send a ref of your object oc into my community tab along with the verification of everything you want in it, please be precise! Also describe backgrounds and such.




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About CiderAmese

I wanna buy a giant inflatable ice cream sandwich so if you pay me I will make art of your object oc uwu
ALSO!! for the posters and plushies, you gotta submit a custom amount of money. Read this please! Prices start at $20 (for posters) and $40 (for plushies.) CONTACT ME FOR THOSE!
CiderAmese#0938 on Discord

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