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I have been sharing cheat engine tables on CEF since 2011 until the table section closed down in 2017, and now on FRF.


so, most likely you're linked here from my signature in FRF.
and this is Patreon. you know the drill.

I've been thinking to start a Patreon since CEF table section went down, so that I'd have a place to share my tables when/if this happens again, and having some extra money to spend on games is always a plus, but as laziness is my nature, I have been putting off and forgot about it eventually.

lately, I started to play/cheat fewer games and teach more students instead, to have a more stable income to... you know, live my life.
then as I upload fewer tables to just the game I'd actually play, custom cheat requests still pop up once a while. and Patreon came to my mind again.
and so here we are.

(2019.11.30) because of the recent situation at my hometown (HK), my income from main job is drastically decreased.
having a hard time in sustaining the basic living (rent, food, etc.), and my saving is almost all burnt.
none of these can be solved by cheating my way through.

if you used and liked my tables, please consider helping me though this financial crisis.

recently changed my carrier. three times the working hours, one-third of the income.
so, if you used and liked my tables, please consider supporting me..

though very unlikely based on the current number of patrons, if miracle DO happens and I can reach the GOALs, I'll spent more time on making tables so that it'd worth your support...

but for now, this will mainly be my game funding~

||WHAT!? HOW!!!?||

if you like my tables, and think they worth something, any kind of support is appreciated.
but note that I'll upload my tables to FRF still, as always. so, there's no immediate benefit as a patron for now.

I may consider setting up tier(s) for custom cheat request or something later, but it means that I may have to spend more time on cheating... but if there are enough patrons by then, why not~
anyway, I need to get more familiar with Patreon first before anything...

I may start posting "early access" cheats here first sometime, which could be patrons' request cheats, or testing scripts to try first, or cheats for some old games that no one is asking for...
but FRF would still be the place I'd release the cheats.

so, if you choose to become a patron,
thank you!
$5 of $500 per month
this will help me getting through my current crisis.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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