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Issue One was fully funded on Kickstarter and released to enthusiastic reception in June 2017. It was an intimate, self-reflective mission to prove that raw still matters. It was, admittedly, a somewhat self-indulgent and experimental prototype that allowed us to work through our artistic and intellectual ideas. Yet it was highly successful — we sold out of all our copies and received overwhelmingly positive feedback from artists, academics, friends, and strangers.
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“When I sat down with Skinny Dipper, I didn’t get back up for thirty minutes. In a world of distraction this magazine is so immediate and earnest you can’t help but notice the vapidity in most everything else.” 730DC
“This is an excellent example of what happens when artistry and technical skills find a happy balance. Skinny Dipper Magazine effortlessly fuses art, memories, and personality together to provide a beautiful and inspiring read." Prabir Mehta, Gallery 5, Chairman
“Skinny Dipper is the antidote to all the fake news and those curated lifestyle accounts. It’s an honest, unvarnished reminder of the good things in life and art. You know, the real things worth sharing. Well designed, the magazine inspires my desire to spend more time creating lasting memories with good friends and family.” Diane Cook, VCU Brandcenter, Founder
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With Issue Two, we have been on a newfound mission to demonstrate how art and adventure can serve as compelling lenses to examine issues within society and the environment. It’s a hypothesis borne of our own experiences — of going camping in a place and learning different things than any journalist or researcher would glean from their more formal approach; of capturing our experiences in poetry or painting or photography and inevitably leaving with more nuanced and empathetic perspectives than any other type of record could provide. And we find that when we parlay these 'approaches' of art and adventure into mechanisms for critical observation of society and the environment, we produce a realm of storytelling that strives for the rigor of research, the justice of journalism, and the aesthetics of art.
Each story in Issue Two testifies to this inherent capacity of art and adventure while retaining the raw, undisguised perspective that characterizes our process, our product, and our audience. Ultimately, we hope that Issue Two serves as a convening force for the socially conscious and purpose-driven artists, thinkers, and explorers of the mid-Atlantic region.
<figure><figcaption>Behind the scenes of Maganda Pa (photo by Patricia Nygaard)</figcaption></figure>
A couple of months ago we launched our consulting agency, Skinny Dipper Studios, to extend our branding and creative skills to other companies. On one hand this represents an effort to actually generate some income, since print media and magazine-making isn’t doing much to monetarily enrich us. But it’s also building up to our long-long-term vision: to serve as the creative media team for causes we care about, and to become collaborative problem solvers for complex issues in society and the environment.
How does the magazine play a role? The magazine provides the opportunity for us to follow our curiosity, to learn, to get close to different issues and the communities and landscapes embedded within them. We hope to put this knowledge to good use when a given community needs someone to amplify their story or serve as a thought partner in developing a collaborative solution. That’s where we hope to come in, in the future, when invited.
Where do you come in? Your contribution is the gateway to putting Issue Two into print, which will continue to develop our readership and serve as an indicator of viability to sponsors.
In order to print Issue Two at greater quantities than Issue One, we need your help. We’re a young publication and we operate on a shoestring budget. We’re working hard to keep our costs low because we want to create a third issue; a fourth, fifth, sixth … But even still, every issue comes with hefty production and distribution costs that we can't cover alone.
We've already covered the costs of content development, art direction, and editing, and with your support, we'll be able to cover the printing and shipping expenses that remain. This means that we’ll be able to start producing a third issue this fall and winter. It means that we’ll be in a better position to keep making and releasing issues, growing our readership by printing more copies, and eventually earning enough funding through grants and sponsorships to grow beyond Kickstarter. Yet it is first crucial to develop a community of readers and patrons who support our work because they share our vision or interests. A strong following and readership lays the foundation for higher levels of funding. THAT is where you come in.

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