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Se7en! Awww what's in the BOX!!!

About CinemaJaw

2018 Update: We are doubling down on our "JawHead's Only" Content - meaning, there will be special spoiler laden reviews, exclusive interviews, and behind-the-scenes bloopers that only Patreon supporters can get. In order to access all you have to do is support at ANY LEVEL! 

Since 2009 CinemaJaw has been releasing weekly 60 minute podcasts on the topic of film.

The tone of the show is lighthearted and fun while devoted to the art form of film. The two hosts Matthew “Matt K.” Kubinski and Ryan “Ry The Movie Guy” Jagiello rarely agree, but have great chemistry, which makes for some amazingly entertaining discussions. Rounding out the team is "Fishtank" Pfil Fujiwara CinemaJaw’s engineer, contributing great audio quality and humor to the show.

From the get-go, CinemaJaw has booked amazing guests including media personalities, filmmakers, actors, directors, rock stars, comedians, content creators, podcasters, film critics and all types of interesting people. Check out our GUESTS page for our ever-growing list.

CinemaJaw is snappy and quick moving, the hosts stick to a structure of planned segments that are always rotating and changing. You can expect great interviews, reviews, games, and fun film discussion each week.

We Have Goals:
  • Our upcoming goals have us getting EVEN BETTER guests, which may involve some travel, or at least some mobile equipment. 
  • We are now proud members of the CIFCC (Chicago Independent Film Critics Circle), which carries annual fees. Being accredited in this way will help us get more great interviews, and access to better information about new movies.
  • We want to create more pins, stickers, tshirts and other wearables for our fans!
  • Hoping in the future to get our own studio space
  • Boy it would be great to make CinemaJaw our full time jobs!
  • Too many to get into here...
We hope you will help support our beloved "'Jaw" so we can continue to improve and create new episodes in perpetuity.

Thanks in advance to your support! 

Just So You Know: Patreon is for people who want to support the arts. If you don't want to or if you are unable to, nothing changes. You can still enjoy CinemaJaw exactly the same as it's always been... 100% free of charge!

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At this level, CinemaJaw is paying for itself. Hosting fees and minor equipment would be covered with a few bones left over for fun stuff like stickers, etc. 

If we are able to reach this milestone we will begin a monthly movie chat via Google Hangouts where we discuss one film each month with our listeners. Like our version of a Movie Club!
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