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What You'll See is What You'll Get!
$1 or more per month patrons
Access to exclusive member only videos, Mr. Lobo's posts, offers, and sneak previews of podcasts and CINEMA INSOMNIA episodes here on Patreon!
Stick It To The Man!
$5.74 or more per month patrons
We are printing exclusive 3 inch durable weather resistant vinyl sticker with the classic CINEMA INSOMNIA logo designed by Mr. Lobo just for our special patrons at this teir! 
$7 or more per month patrons
As a reward you will get one Cinema Insomnia magnet(pictured center)--plus 1 bonus magnet of our choice. Make your refrigerator 20% cooler!
We Need Stinking Badges!
$10 or more per month patrons
Exclusive button badge set with signed cue card as a "thank you" if you jump on at this level. 
Triple Dipper
$33 or more per month patrons
Instant video collection. Just 3 complete 2 hr CINEMA INSOMNIA EPISODES on OSI DVD.  ATOMIC BRAIN, I BURY THE LIVING, and HORROR HOTEL.
Tie Fighter
$42 or more per month patrons
Official Mr. Lobo Tie, "They're Not Bad Movies" badge,  and Signed Blue Cue Card.
The Booby Trap
$50 or more per month patrons
Actual "screen used" cue card from CINEMA INSOMNIA: DICK TRACY MEETS GRUESOME...this card was used on the set of a rival show in the story of the episode THE HORROR HOUSE OF LADY SKANK'NSTEIN.  Lady S. steals Mr. Lobo's movie to lure him over to her show and force him to read her cue cards.

See the video about it here
Fan-tastic Extra Credit!!!!
$74 or more per month patrons
You will get the official fan club kit(current version) with some extra goodies from the studio including a screen used cue-card and YOUR NAME in the closing credits of an episode of CINEMA INSOMNIA as one of our featured SLEEPLESS KNIGHTS OF INSOMNIA!
Hypno Disc Jockey Vol. 3
$150 or more per month patrons
Screen used prop from Zom-Bee TV era of CINEMA INSOMNIA.
Hypno Disc Jockey Vol. 2
$250 or more per month patrons
Own a piece of Cinema Insomnia history! This spinner was featured in many episodes including War of the Planets!
Hypno Disc Jockey Vol. 1
$500 or more per month patrons
The Insomniac Oath is one of the staples of the show. A spinning hypnotic spiral traditionally accompanies the oath. This is the original spinner created and used at KXTV and seen in television syndication and countless live appearances.

Mr. Lobo has dug deep into his most treasured props from the show and this is the first of 3  Screen Used "Hypno-Spinners" that are being offered to a special fan with a deep appreciation of the show and deeper pockets.

Heir To The Chair
$1,000 or more per month patrons
Mr. Lobo's The Rocking Chair is one of the most iconic elements of the show. This is the chair used at ZOM-BEE TV and seen in television syndication and countless live appearances. Don't worry--we have another chair to film episodes.

Mr. Lobo is offering this chair as a reward to a special fan who not only knows how to stand up for their favorite show--but how to sit down.  

You must arrange for delivery and it comes only with a certificate of authenticity signed by Mr. Lobo.

Miss mittens and other accessories not included.