Mister Lobo is creating Cinema Insomnia

What You'll See is What You'll Get!

$1 /mo
Access to exclusive member only videos, Mr. Lobo's posts, offers, and sneak previews of podcasts and CINEMA INSOMNIA episodes here on Patreon!

Stick It To The Man!

$5.74 /mo
We are printing exclusive 3 inch durable weather resistant vinyl sticker with the classic CINEMA INSOMNIA logo designed by Mr. Lobo just for our special patrons at this teir! 


$7 /mo
As a reward you will get one Cinema Insomnia magnet(pictured center)--plus 1 bonus magnet of our choice. Make your refrigerator 20% cooler!

We Need Stinking Badges!

$10 /mo
Exclusive button badge set with signed cue card as a "thank you" if you jump on at this level. 

Triple Dipper

$33 /mo
Instant video collection. Just 3 complete 2 hr CINEMA INSOMNIA EPISODES on OSI DVD.  ATOMIC BRAIN, I BURY THE LIVING, and HORROR HOTEL.

Tie Fighter

$42 /mo
Official Mr. Lobo Tie, "They're Not Bad Movies" badge,  and Signed Blue Cue Card.

Fan-tastic Extra Credit!!!!

$74 /mo
You will get the official fan club kit(current version) with some extra goodies from the studio including a screen used cue-card and YOUR NAME in the closing credits of an episode of CINEMA INSOMNI...

Hypno Disc Jockey Vol. 3

$150 /mo
Screen used prop from Zom-Bee TV era of CINEMA INSOMNIA.

Hypno Disc Jockey Vol. 2

$250 /mo
Own a piece of Cinema Insomnia history! This spinner was featured in many episodes including War of the Planets!

Hypno Disc Jockey Vol. 1

$500 /mo
The Insomniac Oath is one of the staples of the show. A spinning hypnotic spiral traditionally accompanies the oath. This is the original spinner created and used at KXTV and seen in television syn...

Heir To The Chair

$1,000 /mo
Mr. Lobo's The Rocking Chair is one of the most iconic elements of the show. This is the chair used at ZOM-BEE TV and seen in television syndication and countless live appearances. Don't worry--we ...