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Cinephilia is a single-screen, intimate and specially-curated movie house that aims to provide film aficionados of Salem, Oregon, their own silver-screen haven dedicated to showcasing the art form’s greatest accomplishments, from the obvious to the obscure, the celebrated to the unsung, and every era, voice, perspective, and corner of the globe. In a contemporary film culture where most titles don't even hit theaters, Cinephilia is dedicated to making sure the art of film-watching is preserved. We are not just another movie theater or indie art house; Cinephilia is a mecca for cinephiliacs, a place where appreciation for the art of film is at the heart everything we do: the best titles, the best prices, the best experience - period.
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15,000 is the magic number. Based on calculations in the Cinephilia Business Plan - themselves based on months of research - that's what it will take to construct and open the doors to Cinephilia. One-screen, owner-operated, all construction done by me; what you give in money I give in sweat, in long weeks and late nights, putting EVERY SINGLE PENNY to proper use so I might deliver what I'm promising: a singular, unforgettable, affordable moviegoing experience. Once the doors are opened, our monthly goal will drop significantly to help cover operating costs, but the true goal is profitability and financial independence.
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