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Welcome to the Amoreon project!

Below you can find the detailed information of the Amoreon, but if you are looking for FemDomination 2 project, you'll find it at
Please note the old downloads except the main game has expired.

What is Amoreon?

Firstly, you might want to read some reviews, and we encourage you to check out this one:
These guys are are creating honest reviews, so the site is definitely something you want to explore!

Back to the Amoreon Game:
Amoreon is an NSFW VR game where you play as a man who's lost just about everything until a friend gives him a job as a gigolo. Your job, should you choose to accept it, is to please your clients before you please yourself. Each client has different wants and needs based on her personality and where you two meet up. 

Do you have what it takes to please the fairer sex and screw your way out of squalor?

Current State of the Game
Amoreon is close to launch. All of the game's core features are implemented and fully playable. We're currently in the midst of bug testing and smoothing out the game's experience before launching on Steam in December.

Access to Amoreon Closed beta
We are currently in the last closed beta phase of testing Amoreon before releasing. Everyone who will pledge 30 dollars or more before release will get a free key and thus access to the closed beta. On release the game will cost 40$.

All patrons who’ve pledged a total of $20+ to us during Amoreon's development and prior to December 1 <sup>st </sup>, 2018 will also receive closed beta access and a free Steam key.

A Proper Gaming Experience

Most VR NSFW experiences are little more than videos with a 360 degree perspective. With Amoreon we wanted to deliver a more interactive gaming experience.

We achieved this goal by creating sexual encounters where players have to catch on to subtle clues and take appropriate actions in response to better their “score” per encounter and make more money – which is then used to unlock new items and accessories to help you get better at your job. We also added a randomized assortment of challenges and requirements depending on the encounter's location and your client's personality.

The Playroom

We also created a playroom mode, where you can create your ideal client and have full control over the encounter to do whatever you want. As you unlock items and scenes in the game proper, they will be made available in the playroom.

Secret/Unique Clients

Scattered throughout your apartment and encounter locations are phone numbers that can be used to call unique clients who pay more than average if you can manage to please them. You can also happen across visually unique clients naturally as you play the game.

More to Come Post Launch

The launch of Amoreon is just the beginning. We plan to add to the game well past 1.0 and hope many of you will come along for the ride and help is sculpt Amoreon into one of the greatest NSFW VR experiences ever created.

What are VR Fantasies and FiT (Frozen in Time) Scenes?

In order to provide added content to our Patreon campaign, we occasionally create VR Fantasy and Froze in Time scenes as additional content. These are VR scenes we create outside of the games we make as we have the time and resources to do so.

FiT scenes are still scenes that can be viewed in VR. There isn’t any sound, animation or story telling involved. They’re essentially neat 3D images that you can have a full VR view of – walking around and seeing the scene from whatever angle you chose.

VR Fantasies are essentially upgraded FiT scenes with animations, sound and sometimes a bit of storytelling.

FiTs and VR Fantasies are currently only available to patrons.

Thanks for reading,

Citor3 Entertainment

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