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About Cizmeister

Cizzee here!

I make personal music projects for my supporters and patrons! Let us talk on how we can bring your favorite music to life using acapella and covers!

I grab my ideas from a variety of influences from classical to modern, and even video games and movies!

I hope to create lots of music with you guys!
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Thanks for being a true friend and supporter! Your financial support will help me fuel my music by making sure I create content at least once a week or once every two weeks!

You'll also get:
- A shout out at the end of all music videos for the month.

- An HD copy of 3 of my song covers sent to your e-mail.

Your name will forever be acknowledged in that video on my channel.

$0 of $300 per month
Reaching $500 allows me to level up further! To show my love back, I will collaborate with most of my Patrons for a community project!

I'll involve the community more by hiring more help and leveling up my equipment and music. I hope you see the potential as well!

All of my patrons will be featured in the credits, and a special intro video for the Super Patrons!
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