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Bad Reggie
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This tier is for friends and family or just anyone that wants to be here to help support me in traveling to shoots, network with new faces, new wardrobe for upcoming shoots, props to create the most creative content and most importantly workshops so I can continue to advance my skills for this industry. You will have access to family appropriate, creative content. This tier, like all my other tiers, is a great one!! Don't get me wrong.... but like bad reggie this isn't Caviar 😏

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A step up from Bad Reggie, lands you with Mid-Grade! Subscribing to this tier gets you access to the sensuality behind the boudoir style of photography. My styles are fresh, classy, intriguing and they will change with every shoot I do. From edgy to glamour, from sultry to elegant. There's nothing wrong with some good Mid-Grade!

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With this tier you gain access to creative, implied nude content. And you also get a little extra in benefits as well! In this tier not only do you get the benefits of the lower tiers but you will also get access to BTS ( behind the scenes ) footage of my shoots. Those will be posted here for your access only.

About Clara Tomlin

Hello, I'm Clara and I want to oddly welcome you to my page.... like I'm welcoming you to my house 🙃Welcome come on in, make yourself at home 😉

Sometimes we create art that deserves to be appreciated. If you value my body and my art, you will find that my Patreon is going to be worthwhile. If
 you have ever seen my modeling and was inspired by it, this is great place to share the love, be more involved & see content that isn't posted anywhere else! This page helps support my passion and aspirations of being a model and creating divine, bodily art.

I’m a spunky little red head with a love of self expression through tattoos, clothing and just about anything else..... And I am as stubborn as they come! ;) A alternative traveling model based in Colorado. Hoping to travel the world to work with the most talented artists.  

Thank you so much for being a fan and a supporter! I am so incredibly excited to share this prodigious experience with loyal fans that enjoy and look forward to my impetuous content, love my work and stimulate my creative desires!

With all of that being said, one last thing! Do you have any dope concepts in mind? Send them to me and let me put your idea to the test! At the end of the day all of you are my super fans and I want you all to be indulged with art! 

I have set some goals that I want to accomplish with this page and I'm creating a little structure :) You can expect for me to post new content 1-3x per week for my lower 2 tiers, for my top 2 tiers I will post 2-3x per week until I start crushing some of these goals! BTS footage for my creative implied tier will be posted for all of my shoots the night of or the day after the shoot, for my top tier LIVE BTS footage can be viewed through my official snapchat. My top patrons get access to digital sets, 1-3 photos that will be sent directly to you via email so please make sure your email is valid! These are your merch photos, but... and you would think I wouldn't have to say this but please DO NOT SELL MY DIGITAL PHOTOS! You do not have the copyright or permission to sell any content sent to you via your subscription.

Posting Expectations:
(Bad Reggie)
Family friendly photos, may include bathing suit photoshoot, editorial fashion, etc..
Boudoir style photos and lingerie sets
Creative and classy implied nude sets, behind the scenes footage and sneak peaks!
Artistic nude content.

9% complete
I will start posting new content once a day and start traveling around to different locations to create one-of-a-kind content!
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