Classic Game Room is creating Classic Game Room 2085

CGR Trooper

$2 /mo
CGR Trooper: You support Classic Game Room! Thank you for funding CGR production. CGR Troopers get Classic Game Room 2085! Every show, every update, every commentary. It's all here...

CGR Secret Ninja Warrior

$5 /mo
CGR Secret Ninja Warrior: In addition to CGR Trooper rewards, you get super secret ninja skills! What can you do with those skills? Play more Vectrex (of course.) Thank you so much...

CGR Elite Robot Ninja

$10 /mo
CGR Elite Robot Ninja: You support Classic Game Room big time, thank you. Elite Robot Ninjas have lasers and reflective mirror armor which makes them even more powerful than secret...

CGR Immortal Assassin

$25 /mo
CGR Immortal Assassin:  Wow, thank you! You are one of the galaxy's greatest beings! Your assassination skills are immortality and good taste in Atari games. You are powerful, espe...

$50 /mo
CGR Supreme Overlord: For each month that you back this reward level you get an exclusive, custom, signed, digital doodle from Mark Bussler featuring CGR characters like Lord Karna...

CGR Lord Karnage Club

$100 /mo
CGR LORD KARNAGE CLUB: Booya! The universe kneels before your magnificence. In addition to all previous tier rewards, for each month that you pledge this level you'll get your name...