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About Clay Jar Media

Telling stories through film of the nonprofit organizations on the ground.Through community, we can give them the chance to tell their story, in their own voice.

Clay Jar Media partners with small to medium-sized nonprofits. Our purpose is to provide them with a platform for their stories to be heard. This will be done with documentary features, shorts, as well as other tools provided at no expense to the nonprofit, that will aid in getting them the attention and support they need. Many of these nonprofits are working to provide solutions at the heart of the challenges we find ourselves, and our world, facing. These organizations have a plan and are familiar with the issues on a personal level, they just need a platform for their voices to be heard. Partnered together we can further the efforts of the heroes on the ground and celebrate the impact they are making. We know that the problems before us have solutions if we take the energy and time to address them.
We believe in getting behind those with a vision for their communities. Those working with a plan in place, that will bring a better tomorrow. These are stories that need to be told, these are heroes that need to be recognized, and all of us together can help ensure that they are.
We believe that together, one story at a time, we can make a difference.
When you partner with us on Patreon, You are helping tell their story. When we tell their story, we share their hope, and when there is hope change happens.

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