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About Claytemple Media

Hello! We're writers and podcasters Brandon Budda, G.L. McDorman, Valerie Hoagland, and Brent Helt. We make literary podcasts dedicated to discussing and celebrating the work of the masters of speculative fiction from H.P. Lovecraft to Gene Wolfe, Gene Roddenberry, and Neil Gaiman. We have big plans, and we'd like you to be a part of our exciting community of listeners and readers.

Right now we produce five shows available through Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Android apps, and the Claytemple Media website:

Robots! Shape-shifting aliens! Theology! The Gene Wolfe Literary Podcast is a chronological journey through the works and worlds of the great speculative-fiction writer Gene Wolfe, author of The Book of the New Sun, The Fifth Head of Cerberus, and The Soldier Series. Join Glenn and Brandon as they explore what it means to be a person, why stories matter to us, and what to do if the sun begins to die.

Time travel! Interstellar war! Philosophy! Lower Decks: A Star Trek Discovery Podcast is an in-depth study of the newest phase of Star Trek's fifty years of science-fiction storytelling. Join Valerie and Glenn as they seek out new life and new civilizations, examine our society's reflection in Star Trek's critical mirror, and invent Trek-themed cocktails.

Cultists! Ghosts! Great Old Ones! Elder Sign: A Weird Fiction Podcast is a descent into the madness and mystery of writers such as H.P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe, Robert E. Howard, and Jeff VanderMeer. Join Brandon and Glenn as they investigate the horrors that lurk in the darkness of our own homes and towns, the terror of an indifferent universe, and the fears that haunt us all.

Nightmares! Fairytales! Cultists! Hanging Out With the Dream King: A Neil Gaiman Podcast is a voyage through the magical worlds of Neil Gaiman, author of The Sandman, American Gods, and Coraline. Join Brent and Glenn as they visit Hell, browse through the library of dreams, and quest for the Grail.

Barbarians! Heretics! Books! Agnus: The Late Antique, Medieval, and Byzantine Podcast is a journey into the world of medieval scholarship. Join Glenn as he interviews historians, classicists, philosophers, art historians, and literary scholars about their recent books and articles in commute-length conversations.

But wait, you say, that's a lot about literary podcasts. What about that Lovecraftian fiction? Well, we're doing that, too. We hope someday to write solely for you, our patrons, but those milestones are too large even to be whispered about in our goals section just yet. For now, you can visit us at to find links to our professionally published Lovecraftian fiction. But watch out -- those big plans are in their house, dreaming and just waiting to be unleashed upon the world.

Thank you!

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     When we reach this level of support, we'll add a second Patreon episode each October that focuses on the supernatural or the representation of Halloween in pop culture. Ghost stories, scary movies, Halloween episodes of our favorite TV shows, and maybe even some original fiction. We can't wait!
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