Clean Ears is creating a Podcast


$1 /mo
Welcome to the family. We appreciate your support so much! You get access to the exclusive content on our Patreon page and added to our Secret Group on FB!


$5 /mo
I see you with the upgrade Earbud! We will shout you out on your social media handle of choice and send you a one time e-postcard so make sure your email address is right. 

Also you ...



$10 /mo
You get all the joys of the Cypher perks +  shout out on the podcast and a handwritten note of appreciation from the Clean Ears Crew! 


$15 /mo
Things get really good here. All the Mixtape goodies + first look at YouTube videos and exclusive Clean Ears audio!


$25 /mo
I see you Earbuds fam! Not only are we giving Album perks but now you also get the official CE sticker and access to merchandise/event discount codes as they become available.


$50 /mo
You are killing the game Earbuds! This perk is everything from the Remix + the Monday Motivation package. Every Monday we are hitting you with a short video and playlist to start your Monday off ri...