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About Clean combustion

I am a logistician working for a medical humanitarian organisation, in development countries.

What met me when I arrived in my first mission was burning medical waste in a hole in the ground. This leaves highly infectious medical waste like bandages and needles lying on the ground available for animals and humans.

There is also alot of plastic in medical waste, and the toxic smoke of plastic in an incomplete combustion is the last thing sick patients should encounter when seeking medical help.

Our organisation has medical waste incinerators which we employ in the clinic we work in, but these are advanced, expensive constructions that take training and management to use and maintain.

My goal is to build a simple construction that provides a clean combustion, using easily available materials, with a long life requiring little maintenance, and to share this design freely for it to be built in as many places as possible. A clean combustion means less harmful toxins in the air, better for both animals, humans and the environment.

I have made great progress and have built 2 working prototypes in Kenya, but need funding for materials to improve the design and make it as cost-efficient and widespread as possible.

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