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I'll post some of my video or podcast mishaps and creative processes that you don't get in the final delivery. Maybe you'll find it funny, maybe you'll find out how much of a dweeb I am. XD



About Clever Online Marketing Daddy

Hey there! I'm Fade and I run Clever Online Marketing Daddy. My whole goal with this brand is to bring awareness to admins that run any sort of Social Networking page about how they can properly grow their audience and monetize their content with various, appropriate and non-invasive revenue streams.

I hope to put out at least weekly content that is enlightening and motivating so that you, the audience, can learn from it and act upon it. 

If there is anything that is unclear in my content, feel free to ask for a more in-depth explanation, I take no offense in being told that something could be stated more clearly. <3

If you have any kinds of online marketing or networking questions at all, let me know and I'll see what I can do about helping you expand your understanding. ^^

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