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Plus everything from Pathfinder tier:

1) Access to community Discord.

2) Participate polls, surveys, Patreon posts

3) Receive a digital wallpaper,

4) Digital copy of the new game.

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About Team Clopas

Team Clopas is a family-friendly game development company formed as an LLC in August 2017. Our passion is making games that are meaningful and impactful, that also happen to be fun and entertaining to play. We believe that focus is what sets us apart from the crowd. Team Clopas is made up of an eclectic group of individuals whose ages range from teen to those in their 60’s. With that great span we are able to meld together all the encompassing generations’ views of fun and add that to our games for our players to enjoy!

Scott Adams (not the Dilbert creator) released his first game, Adventureland, forty years ago in 1978. At its heart, it was a text-based treasure hunt for thirteen items that included puzzles and a small amount of Scott's wry humor. Now for it's 40th Anniversary Team Clopas wants to remake this classic adventure with a new Conversational Adventure™ game interface, audio narrative, environmental sounds, additional puzzles / treasures, and plenty of fun twists to the game original and new players alike will love! What's more is that we want to involve YOU, the fans, in its development through surveys and feedback.

Impressive visuals have become an expected feature that many a developer has depended on for sales. But that over-reliance can lead to less than stellar game design. Which is why our initial focus is on gameplay. And doubling down on that, we've committed to developing first on an audio-based device that emphasizes words over pictures. With over 6.6 million users last year, the Amazon Alexa line of smart devices (e.g. Echo, Dot, Show) is the ideal device for us to hone our locale descriptions, perfect our story-lines, test humorous replies, and sync quality audio with immersive and engaging content.

This is a platform on which we have experience, previously creating innovative content with our last Alexa release, Lost Legends of Redwall: Escape the Gloomer ( Which also means that we already have the systems developed for voice input, volume controls, audio pause | resume, replay last message, gameplay summaries, hints on demand, and the ability to revisit sections of the game you've already played after the first playthrough.

That's not to say we're going to ignore other devices. Our plans include releasing the game on Steam (PC/Mac) and mobile (Android/iOS), just as we did for our first game. Which means those impressive visuals won't be ignored either. Further, we know there are collectors out there who yearn for exclusive physical content - we don't intend to disappoint.

Adventureland, is the first in a 18 game series developed by Scott Adams. Other beloved games include Pirate Adventure, Mission Impossible, Strange Odyssey, and Return to Pirate Island, to name a few. While not all of them will be remade into updated Conversational Adventure™ games, the success of this project will pave the way for additional projects in the series.

  • The classic gameplay you remember
  • All new additional content
  • Full sentence English language input using voice (or text) commands
  • Additional system that optionally allows Player to choose a narrative pathway
  • Complete audio experience
  • Scott's trademark humor
  • Family-friendly interactive entertainment

Forty years ago a dashing, young explorer named Scott sought out and stumbled upon the realm known as Adventureland. Known in history for its beautiful old objects and precious gems, Scott believed something even more valuable was waiting to be uncovered: The Spirit of Adventure! Elated at his discovery, he scoured the land far and wide, slowly adding knick knacks to his collection. But there was a problem he hadn’t anticipated; once within the realm, he couldn’t find his way out! And there was that pesky dragon to deal with…

The years passed and Adventurer Scott became old, worn, and eccentric. He had set up camp well away from Adventureland’s sparse inhabitants and quickly learned the quickest routes to and from various landmarks. This is where you, the Player, come in by helping Adventurer Scott finish his quest.

Finding yourself in a forest, you must explore and cleverly make your way through all the exciting twists and turns Adventureland has to offer, including four new fascinating areas! With an open world feel with thought-provoking puzzles and alluring treasures to discover, Adventureland XL will have players both new and old enthralled! But beware, one wrong move and you could lose the greatest treasure of all...

We want you to Experience Your Heartfelt Imagination. More specifically, Clopas creates rich narrative for our games. We’re creating an overarching story for players to explore and develop their characters. You turn the pages and unfold the action in the way you want, and we adapt to your feedback. We want you to chronicle your adventure on the pages. And in the end, you get a story – your story – that reads like a novel and includes your choices. You decide and we respond by narrating your story to read like a book.

Even more ambitious, our aim is to give you that “open world” feel. Our database contains thousands of vocabulary words and we’ve spent innumerable hours playtesting to get it just right. For our previous game, we crafted over 40,000 words of text to allow that to happen. Additionally, the level of descriptive detail is large enough to paint a picture, but not so much as to prevent you from filling in the rest of the details – as you see fit – with your mind.

But building immersion is more than using words. It includes audio, such as voice overs, sound effects and a musical score. It also includes visuals that have impact and elegant user controls that gets out of your way to lets you experience the game.

We’ve considered Players many experiences with text based games and have taken special care to combat many of the problems with the genre. Our Conversational Adventure™ games are built to feel like you are paging through a novel you create. They come with page controls to make reading easier. And, to prevent you from paging back to hunt for that one important detail you can’t recall, we’ve created memory commands (e.g. Remember, Recall, Think) to give you fast access. If you’ve discovered and solved a puzzle or completed a task once, we’ll provide a shortcut to repeat it swiftly. An example of this is fast travel; if you’ve been to an area before, you can go back quickly to that same place (assuming there’s nothing preventing you from doing so).

If you choose, we also have a hint system that prevents puzzle deadlock (that frustration you feel when you get stuck). You won’t see the hints. You don’t even ever have to type in “HELP”. The hints, in the form of descriptive narrative, will just appear, conversational style, at the right moment when the game notices you are having problems progressing in the game.

Our greatest need (and priority) are fans like yourself, without whom making these games would be for naught. Our Mission is to create family-friendly experiences that are engaging, creative, and immersive. We measure success by the extent we are able to fulfill that Mission and are mindful of the important role of Players in that endeavor. We encourage you to connect with us both here, on Patreon, and through our other social media channels:

In terms of monetary goals, our priority needs consists of personnel and resources as follows:

Making games is a complex process that is people intensive. Team Clopas has a core team of individuals with gifts ranging from administrative, design, programming, narrative, and marketing. Enabling our staff to do what they do best is our most basic priority. We're a dedicated bunch, willing to put in the extra effort that creating a quality product requires. And we have prior experience from which to build. Our first game, Lost Legends of Redwall: Escape the Gloomer released on PC/Steam in 2018, with ports to Amazon Alexa, Android, and iOS this year, in 2019 (see for more).

We use an iterative process that involves design, coding, testing, and evaluation. For Conversational Adventure™ games, being able to anticipate Player response is essential, so we spend a lot of time testing and refining the game to account for the many variations that are input. We're also committed to modern, accessible technology, which is why we develop on newer platforms like the Amazon Alexa family of devices. And finally, narrative is an important focus, as the words in our game paint the visual strokes that capture our Player's imagination. Indeed, our slogan is Experience Your Heartfelt Imagination.

We anticipate three to five months of further development before releasing Adventureland XL on a variety of platforms at a cost of $12,000 per month.

For games that emphasize words, next to the imagination, sound is a key component. That includes sound effects like axe swings and dragon grunts as well as compelling environmental music that engages your emotions. Voiced dialogue will be included for all the various platforms and is indispensable on audio based devices like Amazon Alexa. Our core team does not currently include a Sound Designer. As such, contracting a Sound Designer will not only enrich the Player experience, but also contribute a necessary part of game development for Adventureland XL.

We anticipate 40 hours per month of needed sound design at a cost of $720 per month.

Background art in Conversational Adventure™ games provide an anchor and starting point for the imagination. Additionally, Players need user controls (e.g. buttons and icons)  that are intuitive and appropriate to the theme of the game. While not mandatory for all devices, this level of quality has become expected by modern day Players - and we want to exceed our fan's expectations. Our core team does not currently include an artist.

We anticipate 60 hours per month of needed art design at a cost of $1,080 per month

There are a number of professional licenses required for game development. Specifically, a Unity Pro license for our game engine, a license from Cloudforge for version control software, and licenses from various companies (Steam, Microsoft, Google/Android, and Apple/iOS) to distribute the game on their platforms. Additionally, implementing quality sound design will require professional software including Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5, Logic Pro X, and (for video editing) Adobe AfterEffects.

We anticipate this will initially cost $1,340 (some of the licenses require annual renewal, not included)

A majority of the equipment needed for development of the game is already owned by Team Clopas, and this equipment was used to successfully finish our previous game, but there are a few other pieces that would be helpful to make our work more effective and economical. Specifically, we're looking to obtain an large (17" x 22") digital scanner for artwork, two laptops with modern speed processors / reasonable memory, and video equipment (e.g. camera and microphone) for trailers and promotional videos.

We anticipate this will be a one-time cost of $850 dollars.

Team Clopas

Scott Adams - Co-founder, CEO, and Lead Programmer, Scott is a legendary video game developer best known for creating the first text adventure for microcomputers. His first creation, Adventureland, was released in 1978; he continued making 20 more games over the next four decades. He still receives fan mail from grateful fans who enjoyed the puzzles and humor that are a distinctive part of all his adventures.

Roxanne Adams - Vice President and Resident Visionary, Roxanne has the distinct role of keeping the team together and strategically focused. As co-founder with Scott, she utilizes her many and varied people skills to the benefit of all. Roxanne is a strong advocate for non-traditional players, ensuring that our games are accessible for all.

David Ababio - Narrative Lead and Chief Operating Officer (COO), David has the amazing ability to calmly and thoughtfully assess multiple projects and ensure that correct resources are going to each - all while skillfully wordsmithing game responses and the occasional sound file.

April Way - As Chief People Officer (CPO), Creative Lead, and one of Clopas' first employees, April deftly handles the daily logistics of Team Clopas. Loved by all, she ensures the team doesn't take themselves too seriously.

Eddie Johnson - is our Database / IT Administrator. His data input directly brings the narrative to life by matching game logic to the responses displayed on the screen. Eddie also uses his sharp analytical mind to debug errors while keeping the database consistent and optimized.

Kendall Miller - As Narrative Designer, Kendall is both quiet and mild mannered, but she wields her keyboard like a sharp sword forming captivating prose, catchy responses, and epic backstories.

Michael Herrera - Community Manager / Game Designer and Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Michael works both behind the scenes organizationally and as the team's front man in Public Relations.

Nathan Johnson - Nathan has been around the gaming industry all his life. Indeed, he was the first beta tester for The Inheritance and was happy to help. It was natural for Nathan to become part of Team Clopas in August 2017, first as a student, later as an intern at high school, and finally as one of our Database employees.

We want to be upfront and transparent about the risks associated with these projects. We have every intention of completing what we've outlined above and, hopefully, more. But there is a real possibility that we could run out of money before the project(s) is/are finished. We're asking those who believe in the work that we do to donate towards that effort, and in return we pledge to utilize the monies in a responsible manner. We cannot, however, make iron-clad guarantees about our ability to complete these projects nor the timing of such.

Having said that, our Team has over twenty years of experience and Scott Adams has previously released over 20 games throughout the course of his career. To find out more about Team Clopas, visit our webpage:

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