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About CloudCuckooCountry

Hi there!

My name is Nick, and I talk about books on YouTube. I have a special focus on writing styles and use-of-language, which you can see examples of in my literary analysis video essays, in which I showcase what I believe to be good writing, and my Book Burning series, which is a joke-y showcase of bad writing.

My aim is to produce well-informed entertaining lessons on writing through a character-driven presentation. I have been trained in both journalistic writing and editing as well as literary analysis techniques, of which both disciplines highly inform my videos. I believe my content to be highly valuable to aspiring writers or anyone who produces written content as a hobby.

If you want to financially support these videos, I can tell you that the money I receive will be spent on things like: professional-grade software such as Adobe Premiere and Audition, sound equipment, improved character art from Dragonfoxgirl, and hiring additional editors.

I hope you consider supporting the channel. Thanks very much for reading.

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