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About CloudNinja

^^^ Latest Song Release! ^^^

Hello! I'm CloudNinja! A Music producer looking to make it big in the EDM world! 
I make anything ranging from Orchestral, Dubstep, House, Future Bass and even Video Games music. I started producing music by accident based on an old meme from 2008, and by 2015, my passion for music grew to where it is now! I upload a lot of my content on websites like YouTube and Newgrounds. When I am not producing music, I enjoy other activities especially competitive Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It's a great way for me to relax and take a break from producing!

We all have very productive lifestyles that may take us away from doing the hobbies we love. Being the busy college student I am, I made this Patreon in hopes of reducing the work loud and being to focus on what we all love most, Music! With all the support I can get, I would love to have my music on platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, etc for the world to enjoy the music I love producing! With my journey to get my music out there, it would be an honor to have my music on Spotify and iTunes one day!

  • The Lizard tier is only a Tip jar. 
  • The Kobold ($5) tier gives you access to WIPs and audio sketches! Maybe even a meme here or there.
  • The Wyvern ($10) tier gives you access to Beta (95% finished) of any complete song. Along with being able to listen to unreleased or scrapped projects. You can also download any samples, Sound design, Or midi's I make! Cheaper than most sample packs nowadays!
  • The Dragon ($20) tier is best tier! You can access the full song early, as well as .wav and flp. download! Why is it limited? Because pledging this tier puts you on a slot for a monthly raffle for a free song request! (Genre's matters)

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