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►My Story 
My name is AJ and I've been creating and selling artwork since I was sixteen years  old. By the time I turned twenty, I had grown very weak and ill. At that time, I was diagnosed with severe rheumatoid arthritis. Unfortunately due to a paperwork slip-up, I had no health coverage at all. The fact is I then had a "pre-existing condition" which meant I was not allowed to get health insurance for any affordable rates. I went years without proper treatment, and slowly lost the use of my hands, arms, and legs. For years, I spent most days bedridden. Especially in winter months when the cold ate away at my joints and body. 

It wasn't until 2014, when the ACA health care system came into effect, that I could get health insurance. With my new coverage I am finally able to start my treatments and hopefully resume my life. That's why I'm here actually, I want to pick up where I left off. Before I got sick, I was working full-time and supporting myself as an artist. I desperately want to be able to get back into my career. I have felt the loss of my health, my independence, and my art. I have a chance to get it all back again now. I'm hoping with my determination and your support we can bring my health and artwork back up to full speed again.

►What do I do?
I make artwork,  design characters and adoptables, and provide graphic design services for a living. Up until 2010, I was not able to work consistently and had to work enough for the entire year during the short summer months. Now with my health rapidly improving and having all this energy to spare, it's time to put myself back to work!

Other wise you can find me actively posting artwork online on places like Twitter, DeviantArt, FurAffinity, and Instagram. I will be actively taking commissions here on Patreon in 2018! So if you're interested in ordering from me, please follow my patreon!

►Where to find me?
Here are other websites where you can find me!

For my 18+ Adult Content, please check out Flipside; Tail Side Up! < = Personal blog and Flipside Tipjar at Subscribestar!

Why Patreon? Where does the money go???
I thought Patreon would be a fantastic motivator and a great way to really connect to the people who enjoy my work. This would be a great experience to get one on one time with you guys and really hear your feed back. As a patron backer you get to make suggestions and talk about what you would like to see more of! I'm not only working to please myself, I want to make great works for you guys too! I have a lot of work to do with all sorts of content. MLP, Furry, Fanworks, Merch, just a lot! You guys can help me figure out what projects should be worked on in what order when I'm looking for suggestions. Think of it like... Helping keep AJ on track.

As for the money, art is my goal career. I do a lot of local jobs here in town and occasionally commissions/adoptables online. The money I make from Patreon will help me focus more on creating original content for the Etsy Shop and updating the ask blogs more regularly! All the money made from this site will be going towards my treatments for RA, insurance, and hospital bills. Even with coverage, my chronic illness costs a pretty penny. With your help I can hopefully start earning enough here to cover most of it and keep my focus on creating art online.

►What are my Goals?
My goal is to get back right where I started before I got sick. I was a completely self sustaining freelance artist surviving on the income I brought in. I want to be able to pay all my bills, health and living, on my artist wages. I want to be drawing regularly every single day and updating as I go. I want to be an online face again with my work and bring you all consistent and regular updates with content and art streams. These are my goals and I believe they are 100% achievable.

►What to expect of me!
This patreon is more or less a good will tip jar. If you really enjoy my work, please consider following or supporting me here even for just $1!

But please honestly expect that I do get sick often. With my type of treatment I have no immune system which means I get sick very often and for very long periods usually. It takes a long time from being sick, to recovering, to rehabilitating myself over months if I end up bedridden and atrophied. In recent years we have been doing a wonderful job preventing it from happening as often as it use too! But still there are health hiccups that no one can avoid and I just want everyone to please be understanding and prepared for absences. I will always do my best to update you all on what's going on and as to why updates might be coming in slower.

We're hopeful in 2018 to be bringing a lot more action to the Clover Coin Patreon!

100% complete
Once we reach this goal, I'll start to set aside time to schedule a dedicated art stream twice a week so long as my health allows it!
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