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you may know me for running; hosting; maybe even hosting a few other mastodon instances like (although i don't host those for free); or from one of the many bits of free software i made or a mediocre art project; or just because i try to be friendly on the internet

like most people in this hellish capitalist dystopia i very often need money to live and do things. i get paid for vpn services but it's not much, and i certainly don't like having to do that and bill people and find clients.

anyway here you can send some money my way, so i can keep making free things and live basically.

honestly right now i'm okay but my income is still pretty low and fragile and i don't have much money aside so any more of it is welcome. i mean any day now some fascist could outlaw public vpns and i'd only have patreon left to pay rent

and like, "regular jobs" are mostly out of the question because i have uh big anxiety i'm basically scared of everything and everyone, and i have no diplomas whatsoever but an accumulation of expertise in half of everything. needless to say if you are interested in that and are ok with not meeting or talking on the phone contact me. if you are interested in the other half it's worth a try

there won't be any "content" or reward here since i have other platforms for that

on octodon:
on github:
a mostly abandoned blog:
on liberapay:

$268.97 of $420 per month
nothing specific it's just nice
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