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About CodePulse

Welcome to the CodePulse Patreon page! I create coding tutorials on YouTube (CodePulse) and cover many topics that are currently difficult to learn about anywhere else. These include:

  • Making your very own programming language
  • Writing your own operating system from scratch
  • Creating a custom data language 
  • CSS Tutorials
  • And more!

I also have a second YouTube channel (CodePulseDev) where I create devlog videos for projects that I'm working on! These include games, programming languages and more.

At the moment I am focusing on tutorials showing you how to create your own simple programming language in Python. Some time in the future, I plan on creating more advanced tutorials on that topic using low-level languages such as C.

Once that series is complete, I plan on making another short series on creating your own data language (based on JSON), while also uploading a few CSS tutorials. At some stage I would like to make videos where we create a compiler using the LLVM compiler infrastructure.

Shortly, on my second channel, I will begin a devlog series where I create my first finished game. It will be very simple, but I hope, by uploading videos about it to YouTube, it will help me complete it rather than leaving it unfinished like all other games I've started making in the past.

I try to upload at least every second week. I put a lot of time and effort into giving you the best quality videos with good explanations. Although I make these videos as a hobby, I would like to be able to spend a lot more of my time creating them for you, and one way you can support me on that journey is by becoming a patron.

So what is Patreon?

Patreon is a way YOU can help me continue making regular content on YouTube by donating a monthly payment which you can cancel at any time. As little as $1 a month would greatly help me on this YouTube journey and reach the goals on the left, such as uploading videos more frequently, creating better quality content and investing money into better recording equipment.

By becoming a Patreon today, you will receive special perks (see the tier list on the right), and your name featured at the end of my future videos!

Thank you all for your support!

$105.99 of $300 per month
I'll dedicate at least a few hours every weekend towards this channel!
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