Coe Mcininch

is creating art, photography, shiny things, and mischief.
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About Coe Mcininch

Coelynn McIninch 

(kō-LIN MAK-in-inch) (Please call me Coe)
"A magpie by nature, and science geek at heart."

My personal work is varied in medium and is inspired by imagination, perception, synesthesia and a curious sense of play. I have an Etsy shop for all the shiny things I make, a Commercial photo business for all things well...commercial and a formal art practice where the physical remnants of my curiosity finds it's home in the gallery. (sometimes I sleep)

What you are supporting here is my journey through every creative avenue I can possibly fit into my life at one time!

Somedays I'll be sharing Photography projects, tips and tales, the next day I might share resin jewelry making, or craft experiments and, other days, it will be some of the cognitive or quantum science stories that inform my art practice.

I move from one project to another as the seasons change and I love to share new ideas, skills and experiences. 

Abbreviated me: Queersynesthetephotographer, artist, arts organizer, teacher, lecturer, painter, costumer, writer, dancer, palm reader, tinkerer, photo lab manager, martial artist, student, caretaker, maker, wanderer, distracted by shiny objects.

The quick Artist Blurb: I am an artist and professional photographer living and working in Massachusetts. Much of my time is focused on the Arts communities in both Fitchburg and Waltham MA where I work with others to create bridges between business, local government and Resident Creatives. I firmly believe in the power of the Arts to strengthen communities and transform public spaces.

Technical points: I earned my B.S. in Communications Media/Photography from Fitchburg State University in 2002, and my M.F.A in Visual Arts from Lesley University’s College of Art And Design (LUCAD) (Boston) in 2009. I currently work as the Photo/Media Specialist in the Communications Media Department at Fitchburg State University. My work is exhibited regionally and various galleries throughout the United states.