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About Coey Kuhn

Hey, everyone! My name is Coey and I'd like to make a living off my art!
I have 9-to-5 jobs off-and-on, but always return to my passion for freelance, trying to make a living off of my art. If you're interested, I would love to entertain you with the stuff I draw!
Want to see what you'd be helping to fund? Check out my main art and nsfw art blogs for a taste! It's a lot of surreal weirdness, monster porn, and neon pink.

Let's talk about the good stuff- WHAT YOU GET! What are UPDATES!
Paid Updates will be posted 3 - 4 times a month on average. Patrons will only be charged when those specific updates occur, but there will be plenty of free content exclusively for subscribers as well!
**My Paid Updates will never exceed 4 times in a single a month**
You are able to cancel your subscription at any time, and can set monthly limits so that you'll never be charged more than what you budget!

Only interested in my SFW art? Or only NSFW? Well don't worry! Updates will be clearly marked and tagged SFW/NSFW, so you can skip or view whichever you like!

*PAID UPDATES* will consist of:
• Drawings chosen by YOU! my dear Patrons! At least once a month, suggestions FROM Patrons are voted on BY Patrons of qualifying tiers ($3+), and the most popular will be turned into a finished image. New suggestions will be taken as voted-pieces are completed, so that everyone has a chance to get something in AND have their ideas realized! :)
• Themed doodles-sheets featuring Patrons' characters! At least once a month, I'll be asking for Patrons of qualifying tiers ($3+) to submit their characters for miscellaneous themed doodle sheets! Chosen characters will appear in said doodle-sheet. Examples of possible themes include colors, types of creatures/monsters, bondage, and much more! The possibilities are endless!
• Patreon-exclusive content of personal work! My personal work will appear as paid posts sometimes, but will always include something just for Patrons. Possible examples include progress steps, previews, behind-the-scenes peeks of projects/illustrations, and more.
• UNLOCKED GOALS may expand what Paid Updates include, though the number will still never exceed 4 a month. Check the goals! More goodies for more people joining!
"OKAY. That's great but what do I get in the meantime????"
Patrons will also receive ** FREE OF CHARGE ** :
• Access to Patreon-exclusive posts, including miscellaneous sketches, wips, processes, and more! For your special eyes only!
• First-chance at adoptables and commissions! When I make the occasional set of adoptables, or open commission slots, Patrons will have the opportunity to snatch them up first!
• UNLOCKED GOALS! There are other freebies that come with subscribing which may be unlocked. Check the goals for these!

Nervous about supporting or want to one off help? No problem! Check out my shop portal for links to products, prints and more!

100% complete
The extra boost to income will help me make patron exclusive stuff like patches and pins (tougher to ship things) an included part of your free rewards! (for $5-$10 Patrons)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 384 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 384 exclusive posts

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