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At the higher level of chess, you realize how important pawns are! As the quote goes, they are the soul of chess! 

You'll also have our eternal gratitude and have a warm fuzzy feeling inside knowing you're supporting the spread of chess all around the world :) 
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Rook Level

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Rooks are solid and usually make it to the endgame to help win the game!

At this level, you're gonna get ALL this good stuff!

1. Access to Interviews With Your Favorite Coffee Chess Players!
Learn more about your favorite players and get to know their chess story! 

2. Access to Must See Games Coffee Chess Fans are Dying to See! 
Oh and there are so many, yes including Carlini vs. WFM Botez :) 

3. Access to Blitz Tips From Your Favorite Coffee Chess Players!
People have gotten better JUST from watching! How much better will you get from actual tips!  

4. Q & A Sessions - ask your most burning questions

5. Juicy Updates - who's coming next on Coffee Chess and what future stuff we have in store! 

King Level

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The King Is The Most Important Piece in The Game! 

I have to brainstorm more as to what this will be as the previous reward isn't feasible now due to scheduling but I shall think of something! And of course, you get all the benefits from the previous tier! 




About Coffee Chess

Coffee Chess Patreon Launch Date: 12-28-2017

Hello Coffee Chess fans all over the world!

First off, I just want to say thank you to all those who liked, shared, subscribed, and commented on the videos when I was starting out. Your energy and enthusiasm kept the channel going when I seriously thought about stopping it.


Because it just requires SO much time, effort, energy, and money to keep it going! The locations I go to in order to film the games takes me about 1-2 hours each way! I have to pack, lug, and set up all the filming equipment and backup equipment. I have to coordinate to make sure players will be there to film. I have to go home, backup the videos, and start editing them, and the ones with the virtual boards along with analysis comments that people like – those take the most time. All of this obviously costs money and effort, but it’s mostly time that takes the biggest toll - ~35+hours/week! (work on it during early mornings/late nights)

There should be ABSOLUTELY NO financial mathematical reason as to why I should keep doing all this.

So why do I do it?

For a higher purpose of inspiring the world to play chess.

I want to do all that by filming and uploading entertaining, exciting, and educational chess games without getting burned out and that’s where you guys come in and can get tons of value for helping.

Patreon is a membership platform that makes it easy for creators to get paid.

By becoming a Patron of Coffee Chess, not only will you ensure the continuation of posting all these chess games on the channel , you’ll get exclusive benefits like this:

  • Access To Patreon Only Feed – get updates as to what’s going on next with Coffee Chess and collaborate with us to make Coffee Chess better! 
  • Interviews with your favorite Coffee Chess players – learn about their chess story and learn more about who they are so you can get to know them better!
  • Early access to the matches you want to see – Chedi Knight Brian vs. Monster Mike Game 3? Oh yeah! WFM Botez vs. Carlini! Damn straight! Carlini vs. Sunglasses Round 2? Oh it’s true, it’s DAMN TRUE! 
  • Blitz tips from Coffee Chess players on how to play better BLITZ games. These will be more relatable than GM lessons online where they talk too long, talk too fast, name squares that you can’t follow, more, etc. I think GMs have a hard time relating to beginners/intermediates so having theses kinds of short, clear lessons from good Coffee Chess players will help. 
  • Access to POV filmed games! - see what it's like to play as The Great Carlini or against him!
  • Play with your favorite Coffee Chess players! - We'll set up a time to play online!

By becoming a Patron you’ll also:

  • Ensure the channel keeps producing great games
  • If enough people sign up, have ALL games on Youtube with a virtual 2d board showing the moves (yes even on those diagonally filmed games) 
  • Also fund future road trips that me and Carlini are thinking about taking – YES, we GOT to go to New York to take on the hustlers! Also thinking about going to St. Louis Chess Club and taking road trips to various chess clubs around the country. Becoming a Coffee Chess Patron will help pay for airfare, hotel, food, etc., so we can go to these places and record great games for you!
  • Also hopefully get celebrities who like chess to come play on Coffee Chess like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Elon Musk! 

But most important of all:

You’ll be helping to inspire everyone around the world to play the game of kings we all love so much. We need to make chess great again, like in the days of Bobby Fischer when the entire world was watching chess and it was part of popular culture.

I'm usually the kind of person to do everything myself but I'm slowly beginning to realize that in order to do GREAT things, YOU CAN'T DO IT ALONE.

I want to make chess great again.

I HAVE A VISION of fun chess communities in every coffee shop in the world, where you can just travel to any city, go to the nearest coffee shop, see people playing chess, and then play yourself and make friends with the locals! I'm hoping Coffee Chess will inspire the world to do that.

It takes a LOT of time, effort, energy, and money to run this channel, but with your help, we can help keep it going together and make it the most entertaining chess channel on Youtube and inspire millions around the world to play chess!

All for price of one fancy Starbucks cup of coffee per month! 

Thank you and hopefully see you on the Patreon Members Only Feed soon! 
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If we hit 200 rook patrons, we'll go to the St. Louis Chess Club and film a ton of games with players and professional chess players, get interviews, get you guys a tour of the place, and other cool stuff!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 171 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 171 exclusive posts

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