Cojomax99 is creating Minecraft Mods

$1 /mo
  • You are awesome, and deserve a high-five! Redeem monthly in the Patron IRC channel!
  • Oh, yeah, also: Access to the seekrit private patron IRC channel! Your input is highly valued :)

$5 /mo
  • Your name will go in the Special Thanks section on
  • You are invited to become an essential tester and supporter of my mods, with access to private development builds o...

$10 /mo
  • I will work with you to come up with an easter egg to put in Tropicraft (or one of my other mods, if you wish) that fits the theme of that mod!
  • Name added to Special Thanks of all o...

$25 /mo
  • Access to "Tropiserver", the server that I play on sporadically with the other Tropicraft developers, as well as some other friends of mine. I have spent more time modding than playing as o...

$75 /mo
  • I will personally make and mail you a home-made Tropicraft t-shirt signed by me and any other team members I can manage to get to...