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About Colleen Doran

Hi, I'm Colleen Doran, cartoonist/writer/illustrator. I've worked with some incredible people like Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore, Stan Lee, Warren, Ellis, J Michael Straczynski, Anne Rice, and Clive Barker. Books I have illustrated have won many awards and honors, including Eisner and Harvey Awards, been listed as YALSA Great Graphic Novels for Teens, in  Best American Comics, and they have appeared on the New York Times bestseller list.

I have several personal projects to complete, primary among them my magnum opus A DISTANT SOIL. Published by the Image Comics imprint Shadowline, it is an epic space opera which spans more than 1000 pages and has taken me many years to tell. Our bankrupted printer discarded our catalogue of archived negatives, which set production of the series back years. Restoration of the project is costing approximately $100,000, all without outside funding or crowd sourcing.

I ache to finish the final eight issue story arc of the fifty issue A Distant Soil run, as well as to complete more personal works, many of which have been on the back burner for years: Daughters of the Wind, The Six Swans, coloring book projects, my novels, and a major King Arthur project.

My noble patrons are my lifeline. You support my art, and I make more art. Thanks in large part to the supporters of my Patreon, as of September 2019, I am working full time on creator-owned works.

With the kind permission of my publisher Jim Valentino of Image/Shadowlinefinished A Distant Soil pages will appear here one full year before anywhere else (a 240 page graphic novel!) We decided not to go to press until all art on the series is finished. That's a lot of work and a long wait, but patrons don't have to wait! You'll see hundreds of sketches, in progress peeks, and have full access to my never-before published A Distant Soil Sourcebook info, as well as original fiction, character drawings, and new illustrations. You also get to vote on upcoming incentives such as pin, poster, patch and clothing designs, and to see all of the process involved in making them, and you will receive a Patreon exclusive password for offsite articles and art we can't host at Patreon.

You'll have access to my other creator-owned works in progress, fine art, as well as a number of goodies available for preview via kind permission of my clients. I also spent many years blogging about industry issues, as well as working as a lobbyist in Washington for creator rights. I'm moving all of that in-depth blogging and research here exclusively for you.

Your support is invaluable to me as an artist. Thank you for your kind patronage.

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6 pages of A Distant Soil get completed this month if we reach this goal. I am able to do more work on my own projects.
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