Combustion Inc.

is creating A safe, legal space for fire performers and flow artists.
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About Combustion Inc.

Our mission is to spread flow and fire arts as a form of meditation, exercise and community both as a hobby and professionally.

Our primary mission is to support and grow a community of flow artists where individuals can learn and share skills. To help us achieve this goal we help operate a venue, called the The Floasis, where flow and fire artists can attend free or low cost community practice events.

Combustion Inc.  is also dedicated to raising the standard of safety for fire arts and performance. We offer a two-part NYC-based fire safety course geared towards fire artists that is accepted as a prerequisite for licensure as a fire performer through the FDNY.

We desire to expand the presence of flow and fire arts in NYC by raising the number of venues hosting safe, legal fire performances. We offer consulting services for venues interested in hiring fire performers and learning about the permitting and inspection process required by the FDNY.

Our final mission is to foster a positive relationship between the FDNY, fire performers, and venues in NYC. A positive relationship between these groups will support all of our goals of a strong flow and fire arts community, safe fire arts practices, and the spread of legal fire in NYC.
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