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About Common Ground Networks

e are a scalable and growing decentralized, cooperative network of regenerative culture designers.

That is, we help grow regenerative communities and networks.

We provide resources, tools, services, education, and more to others who are working to make a positive impact on planet Earth in the 21st Century.

Common Ground Networks is the blossoming of many lifelong labors of wholesome Love and Purpose. Humbly standing on the shoulders of giants, we see that our work contains important contributions that support the growth of larger scale, more robust networks of people and organizations coordinating their activities effectively to cultivate healthier human communities, on all scales.

We help grow enlightened, cooperative, and adaptable human cultures that ever more effectively navigate the rapidly changing, turbulent world in which we are all working to cultivate more health, well-being, and alignment.

Our mission is to provide cultural scaffolding for modern social/ecological health agents. We are gathering the resources and evolving the practices that empower us all to form ever-richer collaborations and continuously expand in our capacities to heal, to live, and to be.

In order to provide this cultural scaffolding, we organize various real-world and online gatherings to create the time and space to facilitate learning, sharing experiences and effective practices, growing synergistic collaborations, and offering mutual support. These gatherings have a heavy focus on integrating theory and practice (drawing from a large number of the diverse and valuable wisdom traditions in our cultural inheritance as humans) as well as addressing the emotional aspects of this kind of work- and the beauties and challenges of Life and Being.

We also provide various resources to help people connect to ideas, practices, people, and communities that will help encourage the development of healthy, regenerative systems.

Our podcast and YouTube channel are currently under development. You can help us expedite their launches with your support! We have many hours of valuable regenerative systems content, interviews, education, case studies, and more!

More details on these, and many other services, projects, and products that support our mission can be found at our website.
Including these, and more, excellent resources for better understanding the practice of
regenerative culture growth:

Designing Regenerative Cultures, by Daniel Christian Wahl

A Global Network of Culture Design Labs, by Joe Brewer

Cultural Design: The Scientific Field needed for the 21st Century, Danilo Oliveira Vaz

What is Transition?,

These, and many other resources can also be found on our education page.

We're all in this together...

The work we do is in global community service and we do not get compensated for much of this work. Our work does not easily fit into the incentive systems of our current economic paradigms. We are dedicated to putting all the effort we possibly can into our whole-systems health generating activities, and we can use your support.

There are many great ways, not just financial, that you can help support us. Find out how to get involved.


$3 or more per month
- Free entrance to 3 Common Grownd Online Gatherings.

$16 or more per month
- Free entrance, each month, to Common Grownd Online Gatherings.

$26 or more per month
- Free entrance, each month, to Common Grownd Gatherings.
- One-Time, 30 minute consultation/discussion with an expert Regenerative Culture Gardener

$56 or more per month
- Free entrance, each month, to Common Grownd Online Gatherings.
- One-Time, 1 hour consultation/discussion with an expert Regenerative Culture Gardener

$120 or more per month
- Free entrance, each month, to Common Grownd Gatherings.
- Monthly, 1 hour consultation/discussion with an expert Regenerative Culture Gardener

$0 of $300 per month
When we reach $300/month, we will launch our Common Ground Networks podcast, sharing some of the most advanced understandings and practical experiences from the leading edge of Regenerative Culture Design.
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