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is creating reviews of video games and gamer culture.
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I'm not a fan of reward tiers for your patronage, because it feels like bad DLC. The benefits of supporting me shouldn't be locked behind paywalls. I just want to be able to sustain myself and dedicate my time to serving the gaming community as a voice of common sense that promotes unity, in a time when it's sorely needed.




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About James Wynne

Note: This is still a work in progress.

Hello. I'm James Wynne, you might recognize me from my articles at GameZone. I've been writing about games for a couple of years now, and it's something I'd love to put more time into.

After winning a small writing contest held by GamesBeat, with an article about maturing into Zelda, I was hooked. I tried to break into the games writing business by writing for tons of small websites "for exposure." It was terrible, but eventually I did get gigs as a freelance writer for pay, mostly at Game Zone. My time working my way up in the business has let me see firsthand the kind of shady dealings that go on in video games media, and it repulses me. Advertising has rot the core of most small gaming sites I've dealt with, and everyone already knows the questionable nature of the larger ones. I don't want to be involved with a system I think is mostly broken, but I want to continue with my passion for all things gaming. To that end, I have turned to Patreon in order to break free of an industry that's more advertising than journalism, and a community that's becoming increasingly belligerent towards ideas its members don't like.

I want to evoke the spirit of 90's gamer culture, a true Golden Age of Gaming. Innovation was everywhere, even in sequels! Political correctness was a joke, but acceptance in the gaming community was at an all time high for anyone not named Jack Thompson. It was during the 90's that women became major stars in games, and portrayals of minorities increased and, while stereotypical at times, were mostly positive. I don't recall people clamoring for these things to be pushed, but the industry was healthier and more well rounded at the time, so diversification occurred naturally, without backlash.

The 90's were a time when gaming was ahead of the social curve, the big names still innovated, and the community wasn't toxic. Maybe that's the point we need to return to before we, as gamers, try to right the ship.

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With the extra freedom afforded me by this income, I can spend more of my time writing, researching the history of gaming, and improving my abilities with video editing.
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