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As a Patron you are stronger than 1000 views on YouTube! In return you will get:
1. Exclusive Patreon updates on upcoming projects, with sneak peeks (...

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In addition to access to our podcast and Discord Patreon channel you will:
1. Be featured in the outro of all videos!

2. Get ...


Realm Captain / Early Access VIP

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Along with your shiny badge (after 1 month), podcast and discord royalty status you will:
1. Watch new uploads 24 hours early (when they are done)
2. Acces...

Knight of the Realm / YouTube Guidance

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We want to help you get started on YouTube!
This tier is for everyone of you with dreams to become a YouTuber on top of Early Access, Shiny badges and so on:
1. You will ge...

Knight Commander / Podcast God

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A Shiny badge, early access and advices are not enough for you!

And as such you will be able to:
1. Join one or more of our Podcasts (you decide the topic we ...

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True Hero of the Realm! We will call you Sir!

 Shiny badges, being in Patreon podcasts and T-shirts are not enough for you. You want to be in one of our videos! So for this level...


Royal Producer / One of us Creators! (The Kenyatta Ali Tier!)

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You have reached the Peak of the Realm! You get all Rewards, get titled as Royal Producer and shouted out as such in all outros. 

By pledging to this Top tier you will get exclusive ...