is creating cheat tables, mostly for Paradox games.

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Hello, I'm CompactDisc, welcome to my Patreon page!

Paradox Engine is a fun little project of mine where I create cheat tables for Paradox games specifically. But since I make some other tables as well, I'm considering a new name.

Some background
I've been using Cheat Engine for a long time, and eventually started to make my own tables and extensions to existing tables. I plan to always keep doing this for free. This account is only to show your appreciation through financial means. The more donations I get, the more I'll be working on Cheat Engine.

Patreon perks
Recifense offers signed tables, I will not do so though. I feel that anyone should be able to edit my tables to suit their own wishes. So all tables will be fully editable for everyone.

What I currently offer donators is a fancy cyan color in their name on the Paradox Engine discord server.

If you have any suggestions for perks, feel free to put them in the discord server, in Suggestions chat under the Server Management category.
Or message me directly if you don't use Discord or want it to stay private.

Discord Server
Everyone is able to join the discord server for Paradox Engine:

Greetings from Belgium!

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