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Hello, I’m Edward Castor (Eddie) and I’m from the Netherlands. I’ve dedicated my life to playing and promoting indie games. It’s really rewarding to have my job blend so well with my hobby. I can proudly say I am independently self-employed. Thanks in part to my patrons.


Back in January 2017 I started a Discord server. At first is was meant to host some video content creators. At some point game developers joined and the server evolved. Today CFN is a server for anyone involved with gaming. Most of the members are game developers but we also house content creators, streamers, game press, artists and even some gamers.

CFN is a Discord partner and all are welcome.


During 2018 i made a completely new project with a more appropiate name: PlayingIndies.
To PlayingIndies i added a Youtube channel that is exclusively for posting game developer interviews.



In the beginning I had a website. It was called ‘’. The way it was laid out felt more like my personal blog. It didn’t feel right hosting an entire team of writers on this tiny site. The gaming blogs got renamed: You can sign in to leave feedback, comments and opinions. We also provide social media buttons to make it easier to share our work. I own the website but I have a team of writers and creators helping me by submitting content.
These guys are amazing.


Back in January 2016 I started my own YouTube channel. It shared the name ‘ComputerFiguur’ with the original website. When the website was moved we also re-branded as the CFN (ComputerFiguur’s Network) channel.


Because I promote games and I want to be fair and objective the main channel is often used to host video reviews made by others sometimes using codes we provide for free.


To promote my original YouTube channel I started using Twitter. Around May of 2016 this account had 9000 followers. By the start of 2017 that account had 60,000 followers and now it’s more than 110,000 total followers. Twitter can be an amazing tool for outreach and exposure.

My personal twitter:

My own website

Before there was I downgraded it to being my company website. The name was too “me” and it didn’t feel like a team effort. is still around and you can take a look but it’s intentionally boring so you’ll check out the awesome writers on instead.

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Initially I hadn’t thought to make a Patreon. After a while people started asking if they could donate. A Patreon account was started to make that easier. When you donate to CFN gaming you are supporting a team and rewarding their effort. The creators who submit content are all volunteers. There’s no budget to pay them for their work. With Patreon support I’m able to pay for all the hosting and also share with the team. For some members I pledge on their Patreons. For a few I help get them review codes. Submissions to CFN are free. When I choose a creator and offer to host them there’s no fees involved. Paying for CFNGaming hosting is my responsibility. I pay for everything that involves hosting our volunteer’s hard work. In the future I plan to invest even more. More in the site and more in the creators. Your donations make that sort of investment possible.

Patrons get a special role on the CFN Discord server. This is the exclusive Patron-room. When a Patron has a comment or concern I will be around to answer.
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