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About exist to expose truth like this video of Asma al-Assad, the First Lady of Syria. A powerful inspiration for all humanity:
Why does exist? Our goal is to counter the ROTHSCHILDS CRIME SYNDICATE Mainstream Media Lies and Propaganda that prevents problem solving for the 99% of Americans who are ill-served by a Criminal Mob run government! Concise Politics is an independent media source that provides articles, videos, and historical timelines that are focused on telling the objective facts through research and data to give the public the power to know what is happening to them and how to solve it. 

Your donation ensures  Concise Politics will continue reporting fact-based analysis and constantly improve upon the quality of the media that is published. You will also be the first to hear about new releases of content generated by Concise Politics.

Topics covered range from, but are not limited to, international criminal banking, false flag faked wars, nearly invisible financial and usury scams, media misrepresentation of facts, Big Pharma/healthcare scams, and historical profiling the power behind the Deep State and their goals for humanity, including the purposeful destruction of life and quality of life.

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