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GREATEST HONOR AND RESPECT TO ROO. Also we can message each other late at night to talk about boys or whatever :]
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I'll post special behind the scenes pictures, storyboards, anything I'm working on will be RIGHT HURR! You can also request previews of whatever I'm working on and I'll to upload preview videos privately on my YouTube :)
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A picture of your choice drawn by yours truly, anything you want, even the GROSSEST THING you can think of! :D




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I've been animating for the past four years now and I absolutely love it, I try to release something every month or close in that time frame. Usually my cartoons are based around video games and dank may mays but I will animate some oddballs here and there! :3 I always appreciate any support or feedback given from any subscribers and every little bit helps as I'm trying to get back to school for art. All the current patrons I have mean a lot to me and I work extra hard to not make complete TRASH. :D Thanks for taking the time to even read this bio, they're usually super boring, believe me.

Or if you want to comment on how much these videos suck THEN WAIT IN LINE, BUSTER BROWN!
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Either to buy a tablet pen, maybe save up for a better tablet, things like that to keep myself goin'! :D
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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