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Keep track of your donations over time because every $535 qualifies you for an Executive Producer credit on an episode that you are particularly proud to support. Your name on an episode lends your "vouch" to that episode and allows you to have a verifiable podcasting credit on your professional profiles. We keep track of and verify every Executive Producer credit when asked. These are real credits! 

All Executive Producers are welcome to remain anonymous, just please let us know if that's what you prefer. We also allow Executive Producer credits to be listed under nicknames, as long as they are not profane.

As a producer, at any level, you will get access to Jen Briney's "green room", which is her private podcast feed. In the green room, you will find: 
  • "Golf swing-free" versions of every public episode, released as soon as they are done 
  • Access to all of the "Thank You" episodes which were taken off of the public feed at the end of 2021
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000 style episodes during which Jen and friends record their real time reactions to events in Congress
  • Behind-the-scenes information about Congressional Dish's production 
  • Stories from Jen and Joe Briney's travels as full time digital nomads
  • Informal conversations between Jen and... ??? It could be anyone, really. 
  • Anything else Jen wants to share with you while avoiding the wrath of random internet trolls 

All Patrons are also welcomed with open arms into an amazing community of fellow Congressional Dish producers who often share fascinating follow up information and their unique perspectives in the comments sections of our episodes. You can contribute to and benefit from these producer-only internet conversations, which are refreshingly friendly and enlightening without shameless partisans around. 



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