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About Connect3Ways

What this blog hopes to achieve

I would like to be able to share how I relate to this world around me and my inner world which I believe God is very much part of.

I would like to be able to share how to hear God through nature; that is the second book of God and also relate that to the first book of God the Bible. Both are very meaningful.

I also want to share through this blog how God speaks to me through the Bible, through people and even directly through his various methods of communication.

This blog endeavours to draw on things I am learning and have learnt through my wonder of creation and it’s beauty. There is a lot of beauty out there which enables us to appreciate who God as creator is.

The blog Connect3Ways is so called because it shares a way to connect with God through creation. Through listening to God, being mindful of the world around us and him, both internally and externally. At the same time I want to demonstrate how we can share that with other people; how they can also influence the way we think by having similar experiences themselves.

The form that this blog takes is:
  • Short mini blogs
  • sharing pictures
  • longer articles
  • And sharing what other people are similarly doing
  • Sharing local and not so local place distinctiveness
I am using the Patreon platform to explore creating inspiring content especially in the form of writing.

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