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In addition to instant MP3 downloads, you will also get lossless file formats for every song!  You will receive a discount code that is valid for most items in the merch store... and you can use it an unlimited number of times!  Also, you will get access to guitar tabs from my lesson videos!


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You are a metal hero if you choose this tier!  Your name will be featured in the description of each video, and you will receive a code for EVEN BIGGER DISCOUNTS on merch!  You will also get a instrumental/backing track download of most of my songs.*   Finally, you will receive access to extra behind-the-scenes videos that show a little more about how I create my content.


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*Disclaimer: All music downloads through Patreon are for personal use only.  This includes instrumental and backing tracks.  For anything beyond personal use please contact me for licensing options.  Thank you!




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About Connor Engstrom

Hi everyone!  Connor here... you know... from Connor Engstrom Music?...  Anyway, thanks so much for checking out my Patreon page!  A lot of time and effort go into creating my videos and tracks.  Your tips are greatly appreciated and allow me to put out content much more regularly!

You can find some really cool stuff here including backing tracks, tabs, and mp3 downloads!  It's also a great way to connect if you don't particularly like the YouTube comments section (curse you, internet trolls!).  There are a few tiers at which you contribute financially, so allow me to explain them a bit more.

STEEL - For $1/month, you will instantly get a download to every song I have released on my channel, and you will continue to get more as they are released!  An awesome value since your first dollar gets you ALL of my past releases!  Even if you unsubscribe down the road you will keep my music.

MITHRIL - For $2/month, you will get the above, but you will also get the songs in lossless format.  This for all you audiophiles like me!  In addition, you will receive an exclusive promo code for discounts on merchandise in my Teespring shop.  This code is valid for most items and can be used an unlimited number of times!  You'll also get the full tabs for all of my lesson videos.  This means additional variations and riffs that I don't play in the videos, and ones that aren't covered extensively.

ADAMANTIUM - For $5/month you will get everything above AND you'll get exclusive instrumental and backing tracks.  Backing tracks to practice everything from the lesson videos, and instrumental or special orchestral versions of all my main releases.  You will also get an EVEN BIGGER DISCOUNT on merch from my Teespring shop.  Again, the promo code can be used over and over, and you will save more than the value of the cost of subscribing to Patreon!  As if that wasn't enough, you will also receive exclusive access to bonus videos and behind-the-scenes content, giving more insight into how I make my videos and songs.  Finally, your name will appear in the video description of every main release as a thank you!

VIBRANIUM - Finally, for $10/month all of the previous rewards will be yours, PLUS your name will appear at the end of all my main videos as an extra special thanks!  You name will endure through the ages, and people will always know that  you were the ones that made these videos possible!

Again, thanks so much for checking this out!  I can't thank you enough for your support!
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Let's get to 100 members on Patreon!  If we can reach that goal, then I will be able to afford some much better filming equipment.  While I have become very skilled at getting the most out of my equipment, everything is still being filmed on a cell phone believe it or not!
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