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Surviving as a songwriter these days when people expect their music for free is challenging; throw a hidden disability into the mix and everything (except finding material to write about) becomes that little bit trickier. Here’s my story:

I’m Stephen McAll; a songwriter and musician from Stirling in Scotland. Constant Follower, a euphemism for the aspects of the self which haunt us, is the name under which I create, perform and release my music. I’ve been involved in other people’s music for many years but it was only when it became impossible for me to work a normal job that I finally had time enough to dedicate to my own music. Strange to think that the thing which killed my mainstream career, kick-started my creative journey. 

It’s already been an exciting year for my music, with my first airplay on BBC Radio 6 Music and the launch of my first EP. By becoming my patron, you’ll be joining me on this journey; there are exciting times ahead, and I guarantee there will be plenty of beautiful new music for you to enjoy along the way.

I’m committed to bringing you un-released works and demos of new songs; exclusive videos of live performances and patron-only live-streamed performances; exclusive early-bird access to new releases on which you will be gratefully credited for your patronage; exclusive merchandise; exclusive prints of my artwork; monthly live Q&A with me and members of my live band; and a fortnightly newsletter to keep you up-to-date on how your patronage is moving my music forward.

You can find out more about my music at
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