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Monthly digital short story introducing each of the main characters from Black Metal Love series. 


Hi, I'm Constanza Wolf. I'm a romance author who writes about queer folk grappling with identity, deserving and belonging. They are sometimes kinky (this first pair are very kinky) and sometimes not but they are always get their Happy Ever After.

My first serialised novel is Rugby Face.  And the first few chapters I am sharing here as public posts so you can meet Raf and Laurie and get to know them a bit.  

What and who is Rugby Face about?

Sharp suits. Amazing body. Shame about the rugby face.

Robert "Laurie" Laurence knows true love doesn’t happen to men with his kind of face. A nose broken more than once playing rugby, a cauliflower ear, and eyes a fetching shade of goose shit green.

But who gives a toss? Laurie is a self-made man who works hard, plays harder, and every fortnight his kink appointment is the oil that keeps the cogs running smoothly. It all begins to grind to a halt when his kink partner of many years moves away, and his need to hurt becomes impossible to hide from his posher than a polo mallet lodger, Raf.

Raphael Ravenscroft is a mess. Gay, mixed-race, posh, he doesn’t fit in anywhere, so he fills his life to the brim to forget. He can hardly catch a breath between professional exams, trying to move out, and playing for his inclusive rugby club. He doesn’t have time for any other distractions. Only that his suit porn wearing landlord with the absurd nose is in need of a sadist, and what kind of gentleman would Raf be to leave Laurie hanging?

The arrangement is simple. No strings kink. Raf metes out pain, Laurie keeps Raf from burning out. Laurie is relaxed, and Raf makes it to his rugby matches while not failing his exams. Simple.

Only it isn’t. Raf gets thoughts. And feelings. About Laurie.

And just like in the predicament kink they both so love, every possible move hurts, and there’s no way out that doesn’t lead to pain and tears. Because Raf could never fit in with Laurie, and Laurie… well. He can’t be loved. He’s got a rugby face.


Rugby Face is a Beauty and the Beast, team-mates to kink-partners to lovers inter-racial romance. Picture one mouthy rugby forward who talks shit to disguise a tender heart, and one sweet, posh, mixed-race mountain of a full back who still isn’t over being called Coloniser when he did his Masters in Atlanta.  

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