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About Lynne Suzuran

Hi, I'm Lynne Suzuran, the owner of Convallaria's Library! Welcome to my Patreon page.

If you'd like to support me by pledging, I'd be very grateful as it would allow me to spend more time for writing/translating (which may allow me to increase the update speed) and also keep the series going with stability!

If you pledge, you will be able to access the rewards which could be teasers or advanced chapter rewards~!

This Patreon page is using Charge Up Front feature.
Novel List:
  • I Didn't Even Want to Live, But God Forced Me to Reincarnate!
  • Taking Over the Villainess' Body: 365 Days to Live As I Like!
  • The Small Sage Will Try Her Best in the Different World from Level 1!
  • The Wolf Prince and the Ice Princess

  • Returning to the Other World with My Children, Also...?! 
  • I Woke Up Naked After Crying Myself to Sleep ~The Three Doting Dukes and the Ice Knight~

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Other Information

Q: I don't want to pledge via Patreon, but I'd like to support you / I want to do a one-time donation.
Of course there are other options, such as Paypal or Ko-Fi for your convenience ^^
You can still gain rewards in accordance to Patreon tiers if you want!
(PS: You can also subscribe monthly like Patreon system through the Paypal link above. I will give you access to the rewards through Google Drive folders). 
Refer to these pages for more info: Support and Advanced Chapter Access.

Discord Integration: Every patron with linked Discord account would automatically be in the Discord server and have the [Patrons] role. You're free to choose not to join in the server if you'd prefer that way, and please enjoy the stay if you choose to stay ^^

Join my Discord server to receive live updates! I usually drop by my Discord to give updates about my condition and what's happening (i.e. I'm sick / there's a technology issue / hey, update will be out tomorrow!)

If there is any question, feel free to contact me! Alternatively, you can also reach me via Patreon private message~

Thanks for all your support, and I appreciate every contribution!

PS: If your payment is declined, please read this following guide to fix it. The guide's made by Patreon, hopefully it helps!
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