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Convallaria’s Library is a site that I run by myself, containing translation of Japanese web novels and my original series. This Patreon combines both of the translations and original series. Please select your tier accordingly.

First thing first, pledging in Patreon is totally optional as I will still continue to write/translate and release the chapters for free. However, if you'd like to support me by pledging, I'd be very grateful as it would allow me to spend more time for writing/translating (which may allow me to increase the update speed) and also keep the series going with stability!

Note: This Patreon page is using Charge Up Front feature.

Why I need your support:

Let's be honest. Writing and translating take time. I'd like to do it full-time if possible. But each person has to make their own living in order If you'd like to help me spend more time writing and translating (hey, that will give you more chapters to read~!), then this is the way and I'd be very grateful for your support. 

Please read: What will you get by pledging? How can you access the advanced chapter rewards?

It depends on which tier you’re in, and there are advanced chapter access as a small incentive from me to say thanks for your support~!

Teasers will be released via Patreon post.

The advanced chapter rewards can be accessed via Google Drive folders that I will share with you (I'll send the Google Drive invitation to your Patreon email by default, PM me if you haven't received it or if you want to use another e-mail)~
It’s quite simple:
  1. Pledge the tier you want~! (If you select Translation Mania or Double Degree tiers, please message me the series of your choice~!)
  2. Please wait for a while and I will share an invitation to access the Google Drive folder within the next 24 hours. Note that you should message me in case you wish to use another email than the email you’re using to sign up in Patreon.
  3. Every time I post an update to public, you can refresh the Google Drive link to see the changes and access the newest advanced chapter~! So, pin that invitation email or bookmark the shared link, okay?
Click here if you want to read the FAQs and the advanced chapters’ table of content.

Note: Please check your payment status each month as I'll be deleting the access for those whose payment's declined at date 14 the latest for each month. Obviously I will give the access back once the payment's gone through :3 

Tiers Explanation

  • You can always edit or custom the amount of pledge freely if you want to donate more than the tiers' default pricing~!
  • Casual Supporter: For those who want to support me casually, you'll get access to all patrons-only posts such as But God Forced Me to Reincarnate next chapter teaser!
  • Original Mania: Consists of Level 1-5, rewards listed in the tier description. For those who'd like to support my original series:
    • Main series: Forced Reincarnation (I Didn't Even Want to Live, But God Forced Me to Reincarnate!), Villainess Take-Over (Taking Over the Villainess' Body: 365 Days to Live as I Like!)
    • Side series: Returning to the Other World with My Children, Also...?! (Shared universe with main series): currently on-hold
    • Note: Forced Reincarnation's schedule and chapter numbering used in Patreon chapter system is the same as the one displayed in my site's Table of Content. Just in case you're reading from another platform that uses different numbering.
  • Translation Mania: For those who want to support me in my translation projects! There are two translation projects: The Small Sage Will Try Her Best In The Different World from Lv.1! and The Three Doting Dukes and The Ice Knight. Patrons of these tiers need to message me to indicate which series they’re selecting to get the access to advanced chapter’s Google Drive folder.
  • Double Degree: For those who'd like to support two of my projects at the same time! Currently, there are a total of three projects. Patrons of these tiers need to message me to indicate which series they’re selecting to get the access to advanced chapter’s Google Drive folder.
  • Library Mania: For those who want to support all three projects I’m working on~! 

Other Information

Q: I don't want to pledge via Patreon, but I'd like to support you.
If you prefer one time donation, you can do so via Ko-Fi or Paypal for your convenience ^^
You can still gain rewards in accordance to Patreon tiers if you want! (PS: You can also subscribe monthly like Patreon system through the Paypal link above). 
Refer to these pages for more info: Support and Advanced Chapter Access.

Discord Integration: Every patron with linked Discord account would automatically be in the Discord server and have the [Patrons] role. You're free to choose not to join in the server if you'd prefer that way, and please enjoy the stay if you choose to stay ^^

If there is any question, feel free to contact me! Alternatively, you can also reach me via Patreon private message~

Thanks for all your support, and I appreciate every contribution!

PS: If your payment is declined, please read this following guide to fix it. The guide's made by Patreon, hopefully it helps!
$277 of $400 per month
Unlock this reward at the next month! (Can be locked again if this goal becomes unreached):
  • But God Forced Me to Reincarnate: Update becomes twice a week (8 chapters per month~) minimum
  • Taking Over the Villainess' Body: Update becomes twice a week (8 chapters per month~) minimum
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