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Pretty much how it sounds! No early access, no private content behind a paywall. Cor isn't being developed with money in mind, all its content that affects the story will be free. However, if you still want to donate to us, we'll hugely appreciate it! Money will be used to improve the VN with personalized music and backgrounds over time, things to improve the experience, but that won't change it. That being said, don't feel pressured to donate, do it if you really like what you see and you want to~
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About CorVN

- C O R -

{Cor is a Visual Novel that will have some adult content, even if it's optional. It also deals with some personal themes that might affect some people. You must be 18 or older to play it.}

Cor is a furry gay VN where you play as Robert, a 22-year-old ferret, who's going to spend two weeks at his hometown, Cor. With his group of friends, he'll re-discover how the town has changed without him, learn new things about his friends and, who knows... Maybe he'll remember how to move forward. After all, life is not easy sometimes.

Cor offers an easy-going, but in-depth character-driven story, where the objective is just to have fun with your friends and help Robert understand himself better. Some choices will matter more than others, but try to relax. You have control over them.

Things you can expect from this experience are: characters with their own motivations and pasts that influences them as people, different branches and scenes depending on your choices, a small town to explore with friends and, overall, a positive story about self-discovery, learning what you want in life, and how to share that with your loved ones.

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So... Hello, world!

My name is Aion, an artist, spanish fur that always had a lot of ideas in my mind to work with, but never had the time or the courage to do so. Until, well, now, heh. I've always had comic projects, stories and even a small world built up in my head, but I never went too far with it because I never knew how to begin, or if people would be interested in that. But, with age, came experience, and I guess selfishness? And I decided "f*ck it, let's just do it". And thus, Cor is born!

Cor is my main project right now, although it won't be the only or the last one, if I can help it. It's a gay furry Visual Novel that deals with some sensitive subjects, but overall aims for a positive experience and to send a specific message to people. All of the characters in the game have their own pasts, their own experiences and, because of that, they'll behave differently in each situation. Keep in mind, they al have their stories and relationships prior to the beginning of Cor, so, chances are, the first thing you see about them is not all they are. That includes the protagonist, Robert. Your job as a player will be to speak with the characters and spend time with them during a summer vacation, bond with them and reach a positive conclussion in this story.

Honestly, this whole project wouldn't be possible without the help of Billy ( , the guy taking care of most of our social media [because I'm a mess with social media lol]), KhelZugah ( , our main coder, he knows more than me in that regard and I owe him a lot) and Arcus ( , the main writer of the story). I owe you guys so much!!!

Fair warning that we're a small team, and we're doing this because we like this project. Because of this, updates will be slow, but we'll keep you informed!

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