Corey Call is creating Solar Energy Systems for Impact Companies

$5 /mo
Be added to my mailing list and follow up on my progress and industry progress

$20 /mo
Pictures and Video updates from my campaign

$50 /mo
I will send you letters from our events and updates on how we are doing, along with a surprise once we hit our first goal

$100 /mo
That will help, Every month as I count on the $100 from you, I am one step closer to focusing on this full time, you will get surprise gifts so leave your mailing address.  When I send out newslett...

$250 /mo
Carrot, Finally the Carrot.  Giving as Equity is what I want to give you, So I will give you 25 shares.

$500 /mo
You are paying a major bill! Thanks!  Thats take courage and committment to the cause and my energy,  Its greatly appreciated and you will get 50 shares after the bill passes and makes it legal.

$1,000 /mo
Now this is kind of going to change my life a little bit or pay most of my bills!  Thank You and you get 120 shares.