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About Corrsk

Hey there, i am Corrsk.
Self-taught artist, i mostly draw furry art and comics, but not exclusively (Some of it being adult oriented, so be warned).

This Patreon is for peoples who want to support me as i dedicate more time to create personal works. Being less dependant on commissions will allow me to create more of what you like to see from me, be it illustration, comics and such.
Remember that all my finished artworks are visible for free on other websites (Links below)

If you like what i do and want to support me, you will get rewards such as Previews (Sketch, lineart, and such) and High resolution versions (4K, PNG) of all works. Be it personal, commissions or other type of works.

Any donation or support will help me greatly, even the smallest one, so thanks in advance if you do!
And if you can't spare the money, but still want to help, you can simply share my work or even this Patreon page. This help too!

Note: Those reward tiers are still work in progress. If you want to give some feedback, or suggest rewards, don't hesitate to contact me!

My Twitter:
SFW Twitter
NSFW Twitter

Other websites i use:

Thanks again for your support!

35% complete
Adding Votes for special Patreon-first image.
-Patrons will vote on the theme, rating (NSFW or SFW), characters, etc...
-The final result will be posted first on Patreon, at least a week before public release.
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