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Hardcore Gear heads and RedBlooded Individuals apply within!
Your patronage pays for the gas to drive to would-be challengers around the world!!!
  1. You pick a venue and race that exemplifies your vehicle's strengths. (Spec, Drag, Track, Oval, Speed)
  2. I pick the same for my Chevrolet Corvette CFZ07 (C6)
A car chief engineer Tadge Juechter once agreed epitomizes the ultimate-performance Vette, if you can "beat the Z" car at both you win that episode's revenue! It's that easy to test your manhood!! Don't be a wuss, sign up to submit your car today!!! ZO7 scoffs at all comers!

Ferrari can only last 4% as long at 175mph, don't make me laugh.

"There is no replacement for displacement"

C6.3 Special Specifications: 2011, 414kW/700Nm, 315/335 PSC2 (non-runflat front) tires, 3198lb(-47lb weight reduction, batt.11.24#), 5.762lb/hp, 47.5"tall(not me, the car) 22.4Lcargo 17s0-150mph Standing-Mile:180mph! 201mphTopSpeed 7:22nurburg [email protected] "I owe you a ten-second car." The END! "God is Seven!"

Engine mods: 1.85 rockers, .6" lift 5angle valves, forged dome pistons bored to ~7.1L, 12.4:1 compression ratio 32MPG (435kW/737Nm)

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