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"I <3 U"

$1 /mo
Thank you for helping alleviate stress from my life! You receive my undying gratitude for being such a wonderful person to support my dreams and goals. Thank you~ <3 

Want to know more ab...

Rockin' Bandana or Groovy Cloth?

$5 /mo
Every month that you stay subscribed at this level, we will send you a random (always handmade, never manufactured) tie dye bandanna OR washcloth! Far out~ 

Just provide us with your shippin...

Cloth & Bandana Combo!~ Sweet!

$10 /mo
Every month that you stay subscribed at this level, we will send you a random (always handmade, never manufactured) tie dye 2'x2' square multipurpose cloth for art, dishes, washing, or whatever els...

Dyed Handmade Totebag OR Child Shirt OR Dyed Pillowcase

$20 /mo
We'll send you a handcrafted tie dye tote bag without pockets. These are nice durable bags that can hold about ~20 lbs or ~10 kg comfortably.

Annoyed or inconvenienced with plastic bag bans?...

One-Pocket Tote Bag

$25 /mo
You're the best!

We'll take that bag from the 20$ tier and put a pocket on it, 'cause we like you and think you're grand. With the ability to button it, it's big enough to securely hold your...

Adult Hippie Tee

$30 /mo
A random handmade tie dye t-shirt!? Too cool~

Please leave a note about which shirts you are willing to receive.

Adult Shirt AND No-pocket bag~

$45 /mo
You're extremely kind!

You know what we can do for you? We'll send you a handmade random t-shirt in your size, as the 30$ tier outlines, and we'll also send you a bag from the 20$ tier.

Adult Shirt AND Two-Pocket Bag OR V-neck Dress OR Beach Cover-up

$50 /mo
Fifty is half of one hundred, but it makes our hearts way more than half full that you would even consider this monthly donation.

For your kindness, we'll send you a shirt from the 30$ tier,...

Shirt + Two Pocket Bag + Cloth OR Bandana

$55 /mo
We'll send you a shirt, a two-pocket bag, and the multipurpose cloth. Three items in one box, delivered to your door, all with love~ S&H inc.

Please indicate which items you are ...

Matching Shirts OR Matching Shirt + Bag Combo!

$60 /mo
Nearly identical matching shirts OR a matching shirt & bag combo? Sweet!
Please indicate which items you are willing to receive & the size.

Matching Shirts OR Shirt + Bag AND Socks~

$70 /mo
We'll send you two matching t-shirts in your sizes of choice, OR a shirt & a bag in closely matching colors and/or patterns, AND we will include tie dye tube socks in a unique color combo sure ...

Sundress + Tote OR Shirt + Leggings + Tote OR Three Shirts

$80 /mo
We can send you a sundress & tote (two-pockets, of course!), shirt & leggings & tote, OR three shirts.

Please indicate size & which items you are willing to receive.