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Honestly, thank you for being here! With this You will get access to my more personal life. Behind the scenes content for my cosplay, personal health journey, and writing. You will get updated with exclusive posts, photo sets, and videos! Welcome : 3  
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If you feel like traversing a little more down my rabbit hole, I will also add you to my snapchat for some more adventure : 3
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  • At the moment I'm not able to ship rewards, so please be aware of that! With this incredible help I wish to hear more from you if you'd like! Get my personal snapchat, I'll let you know when I'll be gaming so we can game together, perhaps you have some cosplay or pose ideas you want to throw my way? I'll let you know what I'm up to in terms of photoshoots so you can have your input! Plus, I can do thank you shout outs for you if you choose, if you're more of a private person, I totally understand. What else can you think you? Let's be whimsical, talk to me : D