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About CosplayMeg

"Let's go to Comic-Con!"

It all went downhill from there.

Howdy y'all! Looks like you've stumbled on to my Patreon page. I'm trying to branch out, to do more than just create/wear my cosplays. I'd love to start doing more photoshoots, Twitch streams, live chats, and more!

I'm no stranger to all things nerdy, but I'm a relative newcomer to the convention scene. I took the plunge and attended San Diego Comic Con on a whim in 2015. I was hooked.  

A little about me... An IT Geek by day, I do my best to devote what spare time I have to the design and construction of my next project. That's probably my favorite part, honestly, getting to (re)create the characters I love. I also enjoy propmaking, and have a store on Etsy where I sell a few things, and am open to commissions as well. I tend to cosplay characters I can relate to in some way, or those who are often overlooked. These days I'm getting more towards cosplaying whoever I want, just because I tell myself I can, regardless of whether or not I look like them. I think that's the amazing thing about cosplay and the surrounding community, the support and encouragement, especially along the lines of body positivity and acceptance. I love the idea that it's never a question of whether or not someone can "pull it off"! That's one of my "goals", I guess you could call it, as a cosplayer, to inspire people and show them that anyone can cosplay, as long as you enjoy what you do!

I've created this Patreon to help me financially so I can continue doing what I love. As much as I'm doing this for myself, I sincerely hope that I've provided enjoyment or inspiration through my work to others, and hope to continue to do so!

The rewards are constantly evolving as I have more to offer... Keep checking back for opportunities to earn props, crafts, and other awesome stuff!

I'm always open to input, as well! Is there something I'm missing that you'd like to see? Tell me! I'd love to hear from you!
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If this goal is reached, I'll be able to arrange for a new photoshoot each month. Patrons will not only get a first look at prints, but also see behind-the-scenes content and derps from the shoot!
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