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Goblin Tier
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Anyone who tosses in 4 quarters gains access to a Patron specific discord where you can discuss the project with other patrons, as well as my self. I'll be looking in this discord frequently looking for suggestions from my patrons, and ideas for puzzles, as well as easter eggs!


Access to Project Campfire Discord

Minotaur Tier
per month
$5 is huge. For the price of a stop at McDonald's, I'll be able to purchase simple art for the game. Objects like chairs, tables, and fences can go a long way when improving a game's atmosphere. You yourself may be the reason a scene in Project Campfire doesn't look bland or boring.


-Access to Project Campfire Discord

-I will add your persona of choice to the game. Perhaps naming a NPC after you, or something as subtle as a grave stone with a story of your own attached!

Rogue Tier
per month
$10 is huger..? It's crazy. So crazy, that bribing artists to make original art for me might just be possible, rather than purchasing templates that dozens of other games have already used. If that's not huger, I'm not sure what is.


-All previous Tier Rewards

-You will be credited not only in the credits at the end of Project Campfire, but also on the main title screen. Your name/link will be seen by everyone playing the game, as well as every YouTuber recording it for their audience!




per month

About Couch Camping

Hey there! I've always wanted to make my own video game. The obvious reason why I haven't: I don't know how. I do, however, know how to play Minecraft. I've taken the challenge upon myself to make my own video game entirely within Minecraft, using command blocks and resource packs. By manipulating how Minecraft works, I'm producing a top-down RPG titled "Project Campfire". 

My finished project will be uploaded and playable for free. Anyone with a copy of Minecraft Java Edition can download my world upon release.

Unfortunately, necessities for Project Campfire to be completed including pixel art, sprite sheets, tilesets, and music, don't come for free. At least not the good ones. This Patreon is specifically and directly linked to the quality of Project Campfire, as well as how long it takes to complete the game fully. If you'd like to support me, or look forward to playing Project Campfire, any amount helps.

Thank you so much.
Red Nomster
$1 of $100 per month
I'll be able to purchase more art for the game. It will look more immersive, and actually feel like you're playing a separate video game. There is only so much I can do with Photoshop, so outsourcing talents from other people like artists and sound designers would be more likely at this goal.
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